Saturday, June 30, 2007

think Rocky vs. Apollo Creed...the first time

Isaiah reacted badly to Thursday's chemo (his eyes were nearly swelled shut, his lips blew up to twice their normal size and he was covered with hives. I had a picture here but Carm censored it - it was pretty rough) so we were back at the hospital all day Friday. We actually left at one point, thinking we had it under control, but he was covered in hives within 10 minutes and we had to return. They gave him two new meds and watched him for awhile. We left again around 4 but within minutes the hives and swelling came back again. We stopped at a friends' and had several phone conversations with the doctors. We're home now and are watching him closely.

We so appreciate your ongoing interest and continued prayer for Isaiah. Please pray also for Sienna whose anxiety over her little brother is becoming very apparent.


Annelies said...

Dearest Family,
In reading my Bible this morning I meditated on the passage "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest". I am praying fervently for a restful weekend for all of you. I have such admiration for all of you, but believe with all my heart that God will protect and guide His dear family. Love from San Diego, and special hugs for Sienna and Isaiah.

Unknown said...

Geez... Rock was pretty banged up after that one, as I recall. My poor little cuz. Hope he's feeling better by the time you read this. Sienny too.

Sandie Haskins said...

Dear Oates family,

I'm so sorry that you have had some rough days after chemo! Every person's body seems to react so differently from that stuff. I hope that you guys can enjoy some great down time for the rest of the weekend. It sure makes you have a new appreciation for the days that are uneventful!

A NOTE TO SIENNA: Hey girl! I keep hearing what a wonderful sister you have been to your little brother! It's hard to see him go through hard stuff, isn't it? I sometimes had a difficult time watching Kyler go through hard things too. You know what would help me? I would keep saying this verse in my mind: "Give Him all your worries and cares for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you." This would help me remember that God is watching and in control of everything even when things seem so out of control! I would say, "God, I'm giving you my worries so help me be strong and courageous!" And He would! I love seeing pictures of you lovin' on your bro! You are so beautiful and God is using you in a HUGE and POWERFUL way to be the comfort of Jesus to Isaiah! That's so cool! You go, girl!

Sandie Haskins

Unknown said...

We are so sorry that these last few days have been so trying. We pray for you all to have a peaceful and restful Sunday. Sienna, you are such a great big sister and have been so strong for your little brother through this rough time! You are in our thoughts everyday!

lots of hugs,
Cara, Patrick and Jae

Niamh McCreary said...

Sienna, You are such a strong little girl and I love seeing how much you help your brother in his time of need. You sure are amazing. I hope you feel God's strength carrying you, Isaiah and your Mum and Dad through this difficult journey. Keep up the great work!

We'll continue praying for Isaiah's health and peace for you all.

Much love

Niamh, David, Cormac & Ronan.

molly lilja said...

Oh wow that sounds really rough. I am so sorry. We are praying for all of you daily, and will continue. I hope the rest of the week can be uneventful.
Love you.
Molly and family

Yurdana Family said...

Sweet Isaiah,
Our hearts ache for you! (Even SuperHeroes can get pretty beat up sometimes when they're fighting "The Bad Guys", huh?). You are fighting such a tough, rough battle, but we know you won't give up! - (and neither will your SuperMom, SuperDad, or SuperSister Sienna!). Know that we will continue to fight with you in prayer - for better days and fewer side effects... Rest easy, (with your soft & squishy SuperMan pillow???), and feel our hugs & love.
Sienna, You are such a sweet & caring Big Sister! We can see in the pictures that you and Isaiah are Best Buds! - (alot like Molly & Tanner were at your age!) Isaiah is one Lucky Little Brother to have you by his side! Your cousins send High-Fives & Extra Hugs to YOU!!!

Hang in there! - ALL OF YOU!!!
Janine, Mark, Kelsey, Tanner & Molly :)

Anonymous said...

Yo Adrian!

Isaiah, Sienna, Carmen and Nathan--

I have been on my knees for you and want you to know that just as "Rock" didn't have a empty corner you don't either. I'll be your Mick! In the words of Mickey -- "when you see 3 of 'em, hit the one in the middle." Don't loose heart and draw from the immeasruable ocean of God's strength (Heb. 10).


Anonymous said...

Hey Superman just wanted to say I am praying for you alot! Im so proud your being so strong, you truly are superman! Remember Isaiah 40:29 says ---He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Everything will be okay! I would also like one of the wristbands (or ankle bands if your Maicee hehe) how can I get one? I love you guys and am praying daily for you all! Keep being such a good big sister Sienna! Your support helps him more than you will ever know!

Victoria said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about that reaction!

Victoria said...

Sometimes I have trouble signing onto the site so I apologize for the double messaging here today. Those reactions are SO scary and fairly commonplace to medical providers--sometimes they forget to notice that we are freaking out because of course, we have no idea what's happening. I can still remember the hives and what looked like acne creeping up my trunk and the medical providers being nonchalant about it until I noticed it creeping way too close to my face and then I freaked THEM out: "Leukemia is bad enough but if this crud spreads all over my face, you guys are in BIG trouble!"--(hmmm....vanity, the name is...) Isaiah's little body has been through so much with so many toxins running rampant through him and good medications, too - it's natural that his body will raise a fuss once in awhile. The medical profession has progressed in LEAPS and BOUNDS (ala Superman) in predicting and handling these reactions but sometimes...they slip through and are hopefully addressed right away and then they'll keep a closer eye on certain medications or transfusions. The first phase may be done but you are still on the roller coaster. That said, I saw a little boy yesterday with the same diagnosis as Isaiah- he's six or seven months out, almost four years old. Well, suffice to say, he was in the bounce house, "driving" around on a little trike, his face was painted with silly images, he was full of energy and zip ALL DAY long even without a nap. That day will come for you and your little boy. On Friday, I saw a 12 year old boy - still on maintenance for ALL - but filled with wonderful stories of cross country adventures. Hold fast.God is with you all every moment and the heavens are being stormed on Isaiah's behalf and Sienna, Carmen and Nate's, too.

Michelle Coder said...

Isaiah, I hope you're feeling better and don't look like Rocky now that it's been a few days. I'm praying for you every day and wearing the cool "Strong and Courageous" bracelet!

Sienna, I know it's hard not to worry about people we love. I come from a family of big time worriers, so I know about worrying. As I've gotten older, the great thing I discovered is I can give all the things I worry about to God...I even imagine I am really handing my worries to God and putting them in his hands. It works! I think God wants me to give him all my worries so I can relax and trust that God can take care of the challenges I face better than I can. With his powerful help, I am stronger and healthier and freer to share God's love and peace with all the people in my life.

Anonymous said...

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