Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fasting again

We got a call today...somehow there was a mix-up and what we thought was just a 1 hour "check-up" scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) is now another spinal tap and chemo treatment. That means we're fasting again tomorrow and will be at the hospital all day. We'll share more news tomorrow night...

Thanks for praying for our boy.

[Here's a pic of the kids in our neighbors' pool...the much-anticipated "first swim" of the summer]


Michelle Coder said...

Hey you guys! I wish I was in that cool pool! I'll pray for all of you tomorrow. I actually felt pretty good last time I fasted with Isaiah and company. Fasting is a good thing. I may just do it again tomorrow.

Much Love!


Cody Marie Bolton said...

Wow. But it could be worse. I'm praying extra hard for you and so is Joan Nader, I will tell her first thing tomorrow.

I'll fast with you Isaiah.

May God Bless you tomorrow for all of that time. Bless you all for your bravery.

Cody Marie Bolton

Annelies said...

Hi Isaiah, fasting and prayer are NO problem. You are such a brave guy and I have to admit I had some challenges this week and I wasn't as brave as you are. I hope I get to meet you some day and you can share with me what it takes to be a Superman!!! Hugs to you dear Isaiah and heres hoping for another picture of your smile soon. Love from San Diego.