Friday, June 15, 2007

home again

Isaiah's chemo appointment went well today, thankfully. He's got a mild fever which we're watching carefully, but his ANC climbed from 200 on Tuesday to 700 today (normal is 2000 - 8000) so that was good.
We'd greatly appreciate your prayer for him in the next few days as he deals with the side-effects of today's chemo: vincristine.
Overall, he's doing well (and getting chubby).


tdellarocca said...

You probably have no idea how much your blog has touched my students and me. I am the teacher who sent you the cards to help Isaiah keep up his courage and faith as he fights this lousy disease. We have been staying abreast of Isaiah's progress with your updates and thoroughly appreciate the time you take to not only give information about Isaiah's daily experiences, but to thank the people who have been supporting you (emotionally and otherwise). We never expected to receive such gratitude in return for our simple prayers and cards. You have made US feel so loved when we were hoping to do the same for you. Thanks for your loving words. My children (and I) truly feel connected to Isaiah and your family and are hopeful for Isaiah's full recovery and your family's return to peace and comfort.
Your family's love and positive outlook is truly an inspiration to us. We will continue keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
Peace and love to you from NY,

Anonymous said...

Isaiah and family,

You are in our thoughts today (as you are continuously). We LOVE this picture of you and Sienna! We are so grateful that your numbers are climbing, and we pray that they continue to do so. We will specifically pray for the fever to go away and for the side effects.

Hey... be good to your dad tomorrow, okay? He's an amazing dad and person. We love you all!

Jason, Tami, Lucas, Colby and Caleb

Sandie Haskins said...

Hi guys!
We are so glad that Isaiah's ANC is up to 700! Kyler was allowed to go back to school after each treatment once his ANC reached 500.
We will be praying that his temp comes down and that you won't have to go back to the hospital. Our strategy for Kyler when he had a low grade fever was to give him cold water and a teaspoon of Ambrotose every few hours and he never spiked up but instead it went down.
Isaiah- Kyler is very happy that you are gaining weight and strength enough to play! He would like you to come over and jump on his new trampoline from grandma and grandpa Haskins once you feel up to it!
We love you all!

Sandie Haskins

Kaitlyn Henning said...

Good, He sounds like he is doing a lot better. I bet its nice to be home again!! I love you guys and will see you soon!!

Unknown said...


We are SO happy that you are home and doing well!!! We just got our first chance to log in and get all the updates from the past week.

We continue to pray for your family and for your peace, comfort and good health.

Carmen and Nathan, if you need anything at all, please let us know!

love and hugs,
Cara, Patrick and Jae

Michelle Coder said...

Hey, you're outside with your sis! I bet it feels good to play in the sun! I'm so grateful your ANC is climbing and you are getting stronger each day. Yippee!

Isaiah, I'm praying for your ANC count to continue to increase, your fever to go down and for you not to have side effects.

Have a great father's day and give your dad a BIG hug for being such a great daddy and caring person!

auntie pooh said...

Hey Isaiah, it's your Auntie Pooh sending good wishes, hugs and strength to you. Susan and I just found out about your website from Pam, so now we will be able to keep in touch and watch as you get better everyday. You are my favorite super-hero and the bravest 4 year old I know. You look strong in the pictures for sure! Keep up the good work and know that strength, good thoughts and emailed hugs sent all the way from Seattle are very special since they have to travel so far to you.
love Auntie Pooh and Susan

Katie F. said...

I am so glad to hear the positive news. Thank you for the updates. Isaiah will continue to be in all the Feickert's prayers!


linseymichael said...

the family,
i know you hear this all the time but i look up to all of you. Not just because you all are incredibilty strong but because that when i look at you beutiful family i know that every thing will be ok. i actully just heard about your little boy, and my prayers are with your whole family. I know god wouldnt have given this task to a family that wasnt as bonded as you are, and at the same time i hate tha any one have to go through this. I have love for your whole family and i know in my heart that every thing will take a turn for the very best. with love from the Rosales's to you!