Thursday, June 14, 2007

overwhelming support

This week we've been moved by the strong support of friends, friends-of-friends, and churches. Isaiah has received hand-made quilts, a superman blanket, care packages with art supplies, and some really cool toys. We heard that someone lit a candle and prayed for him in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. A couple days ago he received 55 hand-made cards from 4th graders at St. Mary's Catholic School in Manhasset, New York. The childlike faith represented in these cards was remarkable. A little girl named Morgan wrote, "Dear Isaiah, We prayed for another kid and he got better. Thats because he belived that God heard our prayers and will get him better. Thats why if you belive in God, miricols happen. Keep beliving."


Taria M. said...

God is SO GOOD! I hope that you all feel the comfort of being surrounded by people that love you and are praying for you. God is working through everyone around you to show that He is VERY PRESENT every day. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys (regardless of being on the other side of the state). May God bless you richly today. I pray for you guys every morning.

In Him,

Kaitlyn Henning said...

That is so cool!!I think it is awsome that someone in paris prayed for him. It really shows how God is working in our lives. I hope you all are feeling better SOON!!! I love you all and can't wait to see you guys up around again. I am praying for you Superman!!

Stanphill Family said...

Hi Guys,

It is so good to see Isaiah looking peaceful and comfortable at home. We are still praying for you all daily and checking this site multiple times a day! It was so fun to play with Sienna today at the park. She and Emma spent their time "mothering" Ava. Love and strength to you all.
Love, Rebecca

Anonymous said...

How humbled I am to hear of the deep faith of those dear children. No wonder Christ asked for the children to come nearer to Him. I am filled with joy to see the pictures of Isaiah and to hear that he is doing well. How blessed it must be to be home again. Know that we all continue to pray for health for Isaiah and peace for your family.

Michelle Coder said...

God's love is a powerful thing. How beautiful that all those kids sent cards to you, Isaiah, and someone in Paris is praying for your continued healing. Wow! So many people are praying for you. It's like being wrapped in a giant Love Quilt, Huh!

Well, I pray every day you and your family are snuggling up in God's Love Quilt. You must be doing just that because you and Sienna look great! Keep getting stronger and stronger, Superman!

Love Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Isaiah!

It's so COOL that so many people are praying for you all over the country and the WORLD!! Hey... wasn't Superman well known by everyone all over the world too??
You look great, Isaiah! Sienna, you look very happy to have your brother home. I'm sure you are helping your mom out a lot. We are praying specifically for you and your treatment today. I know it will be a rough day, but God is with you and your family in so many ways... and how COULD you not do great with people in PARIS praying, right? We love you and are lifting you up to Jesus Isaiah.


Jason, Tami, Lucas, Colby and Caleb

Molly Lilja said...

Good luck today Isaiah, we are praying for you!

The Liljas

Amber said...


I am praying a lot for you today as you go back to the doctors. I have heard that you are a pretty strong guy, so I know you will be alright! Good luck and know that God is right there with you!