Saturday, June 9, 2007

happy to be here

thank you: for the prayers, the food, the care of our house, the letters, phone calls and emails, the comments on this blog, all the practical helps over the last two weeks. We're in a battle but we've got a big army backing us up. Your presence and encouragement makes such a difference throughout the day.

what's next: We have 3 out-patient appointments over the next two weeks.

please pray: that Isaiah's white blood count will go up and that his strength will improve (he's still pretty shaky on his feet.)


Pam said...

YAY!!!!! Welcome HOME!!!!! We are SO glad you are back home, all of you! We pray you'll get sweet rest and be comforted by familiar sights and sounds and your own beds. We will pray for those white cells to increase and for Isaiah's strength to be renewed. Your's too. Oh my goodness, you are amazing. The Lord is your strength, I know, but still...AMAZING! Love to you, each one, Pam and Allen

Auntie Angie said...

Welcome home Family! WE are so happy that you guys are home now, and can have better rest.We know there is still a journey ahead, but I know that God will continue to bless Isaiah and the family. Keep your heads up, and take comfort in knowing that there are so many of us still praying and that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel! Enjoy your time at home, Isaiah and Sienna I send hugs and kisses to you both!

Love you guys, Angie and Patrick

Sandie Haskins said...

Hi guys!

Kyler was roommates with Justin too!
I've done lots of research on natural things that help raise the white blood count.

*shark liver oil
*vitamin k2
*rebounding (jumping or lightly bouncing on a trampoline - it actually triples your white blood count for a while) We have an extra one in our garage.
*Super greens(wheat grass, spirulina, chorella)

I'd be happy to tell you what I've learned!
Love you guys!
Sandie Haskins

Clint Nelson said...

THEY'RE HOME! We are all so happy and relieved for you. You have truly been an inspirational family for all to watch and realize how to truly trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not onto your own understanding. Thank you a million times Nate for talking with Clint, it meant so much to him. We love you and cant wait to go SWIMMING!! XOXO
Jen, Clint, Zoey, Cade, Kathty & Don

castagnolifamily said...

We are so happy that you are at home now. We continue to pray for you. I even have a lot of people in Texas praying for you. Which reminds me...........are you ready for the big game tonight? Is it going to be the Spurs or the Cavaliers? You know who I will be cheering for!

We will pray that those white blood cells continue to increase.

Go SUPERMAN Isaiah go!!!

Love, Craig and Vanessa (Uncle Ryan and Auntie Gentry's friends.)

Grandpa said...

Hi Isiah, I am really happy to be with you at home. Your grandma and I are praying hard for your fast recovery.

Love you,

Grandpa Hermes

Michelle Coder said...

Hi Isaiah! We're praying for you, sweetheart. I'll pray this week that you will feel stronger every day. Get some good sleep and I bet your mom and dad are fixing lots of healthy and tasty food for all of you. We all need to eat more healthy food and get good sleep too so we can all be strong.

Let me know if you need any fun games, OK. Let me know!

Love and Light.


Sherrie Cramer said...

Dear Isaiah and family,
Our neighbor and friend, LaDona (Dustin's mom) told us about you. We are so sorry that you are having to fight this battle, but we know that your faith in the Lord and His goodness will carry you through this journey. (Our daugther was diagnosed with AML one year ago this month, so we are also traveling this journey.) One thing I can assure you about is this: You will get to know our God in a way that few get to know Him, and you will see that He is faithful to meet ALL of your needs (as I can see His has already been doing!) Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or just need support from someone who has been down this road; we would love to support your family in any way we can! We will pray for your white counts to come up soon and that you will be strong and courageous - always!
Michael and Sherrie Cramer

Lynn Oliver said...

Hi Oates Family,
Pam filled me in on your journey. I also am so glad that you are home. There are so many people you do not even know praying for Isaiah's full and speedy recovery, for white cells and for increasing strength!The pictures from the hospital are precious - the Oates smile is contagious. Have a great week. Love, Lynn Oliver

Amber said...

Dear Oates,
For those of us who love you, we wish we could shield you from this huge trial. We're praying for healing, strength and God's grace. Praise God for hope!
Fondly, Janet & Jim Bobst

Yurdana Family said...

Hello Precious and Brave Ones! :)
SO GLAD YOU ARE HOME!!! (And so glad I finally figured out how to post our love and best wishes here! Yes, Kelsey had to help me - but just a little! ;0 )There really is "NO PLACE LIKE HOME", is there? God is so good!- (And amazing! And He has blessed YOU with awesomeness as well!) We are so inspired by your faith and inner strength in this huge and overwhelming situation. Isaiah,you are a SUPER-DUPER Superhero!!! Hang in there buddy! We are praying for you - ALOT!- and wanting to know what else we can do to make your journey lighter...
Please let us know! (We will send you a little surprise soon, okay?)
We can't wait until you can "Geronimo Jump" into our pool again! (Remember that? ;)
We love you ALL - WAY MUCH!!!
Hugs,Kisses,& Healing Strength,
Janine,Mark,Kels,Tan,& Molly

Anonymous said...

Hi Isaiah!

so, how does your own bed feel? I bet it feels SOOOO good! I bet it's also good to be with all of your "stuff" too. You look very happy there at home. We are praying for your cell counts to come up and for overall strength and just getting well (getting better and better and better... as Caleb says). We were singing that song in church today that I told you about last week. The one about how BIG God is and how there's absolutely NOTHING He can't do. It's also the song where you get to put up BIG muscle arms. I know you have HUGE muscle arms, so I can't wait until you come back so you can sing it with us! Keep those muscles strong, and keep that heart strong too! I have seen what a big heart you have in all of this. It's something to be VERY proud of!! We love you... give your family hugs for us too, okay?


Tami, Jason, Lucas, Colby and Caleb

jamiecox said...

I have not been able to find the words to write sooner, though I have been checking daily. I am soo happy that you are home Isaiah! The picture that keeps coming across my mind was this last Jr. High retreat where Shawn was swinging you around by your ankles and you, Sienna, Breanna, Breann and Macie were all on top of him shorlty afterwards.

Isaiah, do you want to hear a funny story about your dad? The first time I really got to know your dad was back when you guys were at Arden church and your dad was the leader for high school camp that year. To me at least, your dad was normally quiet, loved to have fun but never really the loud and crazy type....until one day at chapel time he gets up and leads us in the MILK song....I had never seen him like that-he was just crazy! He made me laugh so hard I was crying!!!

I kinda think your parents are cool, you are one lucky dude! I am soo proud of you for sticking through this tough stuff. I was praying for you and God gave me this cool song from Third Day that really helped me! It is called Tunnel on one of their latest albums. If you want to hear it you can go to my myspace page at:

I hope that you continue to feel better Isaiah. Give you family big hugs for me!

Jamie Cox from LifePointe

Unknown said...

Sleeping in your own bed. Man, I bet that feels like an early slice of heaven.

I'm amazed everytime I read this blog at how positive you guys are. Nate, thanks so much for taking such good care of Carm and the kiddos.

Marken, we all love you and pray for you like a trillion times a day.

Kids, I'll bring Mark around once lil' Zeke (that's what my boys call him) is strong enough to beat on him.

Muchisimo Carino

Levi and Rose said...

Isaiah, I am so glad you are home!! And I bet you are glad too. I am praying that you will keep getting stronger, and with breakfasts like those, I know you will. I miss you, but will see you in 3 weeks. I love you.
-Uncle Buzz

Taria M. said...

I'm so glad you got to go home to your own bed, Isaiah! I bet it felt good to sleep at home and be with your family. I'm also very thankful to God that you had the strength to come home. I will continue to pray that the medicines work in your body, and that you start to feel even better. May you all find peace and comfort in the small blessings during this time.

With love,

Cody Marie Bolton said...

Welcome home Oates family!! God Bless as he continues to strengthen Isaiah and your family bond during this time!

Cody Marie Bolton

Kathi Eckert said...

Dear Isaiah,

You will never know how I have prayed for your healing. Having just gone through the Chemo treatments a few months ago, I know too well how awful it can be and you are being so brave. I love your smile and how you are accepting all of this. I had the same problems with my white cell counts and it was no fun, so be brave! Everyday that you are at home is a blessing and an answer to our prayers.
When people were praying for me I could feel the support and I know that you have many praying, so you will get stronger and start to feel better.

Nate and Carmen,
I have so identified with Isaiah in these last few weeks. You both have been so strong and this page is so great to be able to see how things are progressing.
I know God is going to bring you all thru this and give you the strength to carry on. You have so many praying for you at Auburn Parkside and when I talk to people at the District Office, I am amazed how people have rallied for your cause. You are all AMAZING!!!
Love to all of you, Kathi & Dave

Niamh McCreary said...

Praying for a successful and stress free appointment today for you guys.


Niamh, David, Cormac and Ronan said...

Hey Isaiah,
Just thinking of my super strong and super amazing godson. I love you. You are in my heart constantly and I ask God to continue to heal you. I love you to the moon and back again :)
Love, Angela

Lynn Mac said...

Dear Oates Family:

We are praying for strength for the whole family.

Thank you for this website so we can see Isaiah's precious face.

Lynn MacDonald