Tuesday, June 12, 2007

up a little

We went in for our first outpatient check-up today. We were in and out like the burger in less than 60 minutes. Hour-long doctor visits used to feel taxing, but when compared to 15-day stays they're easy.

Isaiah has gained five pounds since being diagnosed (he eats all day long - it's the steroids) which puts him at 3'5", 43 pounds. His ANC increased from 80 to 200 (so he still has almost no ability to fight infection, but at least we're going in the right direction). And he was completely unfazed by the whole "re-accessing the port" experience, which was a great confidence-booster (for all of us). He was very calm. We were proud of him.

So we drove home a bit surprised to be "done" for the day and relieved that he's doing OK.

On Friday we go back for a chemo treatment (vincristine: the big nasty). Thank you for your strong, ongoing support! You are all fueling our courage.


www.sixhennings.com said...

Good day for sure! Love you guys. I hope the rest of the day continues to go as smoothly and Carm can get some rest.
Love you,

Kathy said...

Thank you for taking the time to update us. We like in-and-out! We're praying until the out-for-good day. What a party that will be! Until then, know that we love you guys.
Bill and Kathy

Lynn Mac said...

Dear Oates Family,
We are praying for you.
Thank you for the website so we can see Isaiah's precious face.
Lynn and Bob MacDonald

Niamh McCreary said...

Good news! Glad it was a quick appointment and hope you have a restful day.


Niamh, David, Cormac & Ronan

Pam said...

YAAAAYYY!!! What good news to have things going in the right direction. We are so glad for you. Isaiah, we are SO proud of you! You are one tough cookie. (That's a GOOD thing--but it sounds funny...) Love to you all, Pam and Allen

Anonymous said...


DUDE... 43 pounds! I think you need to teach Colby how to eat like that! He's 7 and he only weighs 4 more pounds than you because he doesn't eat very much. I'm so excited for all of you that your day went smoothly and that it ended on such an encouraging note. GREAT JOB Isaiah!! Your courage continues to bless us all! We will start praying now for the weekend to come and the "big nasty" medicine to not be so nasty! Keep that beautiful smile on your face, Isaiah. It lifts my spirit (and hundreds of others) every time I see it!

BIg hugs...


Michelle Coder said...

Hey Isaiah! Your bravery is so inspiring to me! I bet the doctors appreciate what a great patient you are. You can be an inspiration to my nephew Dain too. Dain is four years old and needs to eat more. I'll tell him you are a great eater and are up to 43 pounds! Wow!

Tell your mom, dad and Sienna I'm praying for all of you every day.

Love Michelle

rewind photography said...

Good morning Oates family,
we are so happy to see the "numbers" going up! You are in our prayers daily.
Nathan, we are so excited to have the kids from the hub comming tonight, Sam was so funny all week making sure the yard "looked good" for Tim:)Blessings, Martha

Taria M. said...

The strength of Isaiah and the family never cease to amaze me. What a COURAGEOUS and INCREDIBLE little boy. You all continue to be in my prayers. May God be with you all.


Darcy said...

Isaiah! Good job, Dude! You are doing awesome. You are continually in our prayers! We love to see your smile.
The Bellezas

castagnolifamily said...

Hi Isaiah!!!
We are so happy that your numbers are continuing to increase! And glad you have such a good appetite. You will continue to get strong. In fact, you may need to suit up to help those Cavaliers! I thought they had the Spurs in Game 3.

Praying for you with all our heart,
Craig and Vanessa
(Uncle Ryan and Auntie Gentry's friend.)

Unknown said...

I know its not right to brag...

BUT THAT'S MY LITTLE CUZ!!! Don't be surprised... act like you know!

Good job lil' Zeke!

Victoria said...

Anytime you go to the doctor and then go HOME HOME HOME is a good day!God is giving strength to a little Superman and his loving family. We'll pray that the chemo isn't as nasty as predicted - why not hope, right?

Choosing hope ALWAYS,
Vicki and Selim

Darrell Farley said...

Way to go Isaiah. Matt was in-patient this week Mon & Tues. He is home and doing good. Sometimes he is not as brave as you about being accessed, but he gets through it. Remember, during the steriods it is your job to eat, and your mom and dad's job to keep you fed. Don't worry Mom & Dad it does go away -sooner or later ;-)
Take care and God bless,
BTY- Matt prays for you everynight

bita said...


So many people love you. I hope you know that. You are doing a great job in this big battle. What a soldier !

Your Bita