Saturday, June 2, 2007

isaiah walks

Isaiah said this morning that he wanted to try to walk. (He's been in bed for 11 days.) When I told him it was so good to see him on his feet, he asked, "Does it make your heart happy?" I said, "Yes. Very happy."

(Thanks for praying for him yesterday...he did great through all his tests and chemo. We'll hear results on Monday. )


SaraBecker said...

Good job Isaiah!! We're still praying for you and for great test results on Monday!!

Take care... and God Bless!

Sara Becker(Beers)

Nana and Grandpa said...

Dear Nathan and Carmen,

What a miracle it is to see how brave your precious son is! We deeply appreciate how you are able to share such a personal battle with everyone and we continue to pray many times each day.

Our love to your whole family,

Don and Kathy Riolo

Sandie Haskins said...

Hi Isaiah,
This is Tough Guy Kyler and I saw how brave you were in getting your port accessed! I was scared a lot when I got my port accessed, but I'm better now. You should be called "Incredible Isaiah"!

Have you met Millie and Hazel the hospital dogs yet?
They are fun to pet. I hope we can come visit sometime!

castagnolifamily said...

You really are SUPERMAN!! We pray for you and are cheering you on...GO ISAIAH GO!! YOU have taught me so much about our Lord. You are a fighter...keep fighting.

Love, Vanessa and Craig
(Uncle Ryan and Aunt Gentry's friend.)

Molly Lilja said...

Dear Nate, Carmen, Sienna and Isaiah,

We are so impressed with your strength and courage. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. We are praying everyday (many, many times) for your whole family.

Much, much love,

Erik, Molly, Drew, Zach, Ella and Daneil LIlja

Clint Nelson said...

It's good to see Isaiah up and moving around. We are praying for you everyday.

Team Edwards said...

Nathan, Carmen, Sienna & Isaiah:

We are so blown away by how courageous Isaiah is and how strong you all are! All of our prayers have been turned to you, and our hearts and thoughts are with you. Even though we don't know you very well, we have been stopped literally in our tracks by the news of Isaiah's battle, his spirit and determination, and your amazing love and grace during this time.

Thank you for your updates, pictures and generosity with your family's struggle.

God bless you all and keep you safe,
Kari, Sean, Ethan & Dane Edwards
(Rebecca's cousin)

Anonymous said...

Hey there buddy!
We are some of your friends in southern california. We are so thankful that God is giving you strength to go through such a hard thing. Tell your mommy and daddy that we have been praying for you lots of times everyday and that we love you all so much.

Kim, Travis, Mackenna, Kate and Bailey Marshall

Niamh McCreary said...


We are all amazed by your strength and inspired by your bravery. We will continue to pray for healing and strength and for peace for your AMAZING Mom, Dad and of course Sienna!
Niamh, David, Cormac and Ronan

Michelle Coder said...

Hi Isaiah,

I'm glad to see you are up and walking. I bet it felt great to get out of bed for awhile.

I'm praying for you and your mom, dad and sis too throughout the day each day. Mrs. Coder and Mr. Coder are praying too. God is holding you in his arms just like your mom and dad hug you.

We love all of you!


Rose Elizabeth said...

Isaiah!! You are such a strong boy!
You are being such a great example to me and everyone you know... Your strength and faith in Jesus makes me cry, because you are such a trooper!
I haven't seen you in a long time, and I miss you a lot, but hopefully we can have a hug later this summer when you're feeling better! What do you think? I'm praying hard for you and your mommy and daddy and Sienna too, and so are all of my friends and my family!! That is a lot of prayers sent up to God just for you!
It's great to see you walking! You're being so brave!! And you're making a lot of hearts happy, Isaiah. I'm praying for those results on Monday!!

And Sienna, keep being that AMAZING big, brave sister that I know you are!! Isaiah sure is blessed to have a girl like you by his side making him smile=)

Nate & Carm, Thanks for posting this and keeping us all updated. Your incredible strength and faith are so inspiring. I love you and will keep praying with all my heart.

Love you all,

gbeidler said...

Sweet Isaiah,
We love you so much and we are so proud of all the hard things you are doing. We are praying that the peace of Jesus is very real to you during this time. Ava misses you a lot. She is climbing on EVERYTHING - just like you! We hope to see you soon. We are praying for you and your mom and dad and sienna. We love you all,
Ryan, Gentry & Ava

Rick & Dawn Bertilson said...

Nathan, Carmen, Sienna & Superman Isaiah,
It has been so long since we have seen you but know we have always "kept tabs on you"!!!
Please be aware that you sharing this experience with all of us is such an inspiration. What great examples of strength and courage. We will continue to pray for healing and that wonderful peace that only the Lord can provide.
Rick & Dawn

Clint&Jen said...

Isaiah, Just wanted to tell you we love you today. Stay strong, we are praying for your test results tomorrow. XOXO

Fechner said...

Hi Isiah,

It was so nice to see you up and walking. We are amazed by your strength and inspired by your bravery. You have touch our hearts deeply. We pray for you every day!!Peace be with you
Carl, Diane & Kalie Fechner

Cara said...

Hey, Isaiah, Sienna, Carmen and Nathan

I just wanted to say that I have put you on the prayer list at The First Baptist Church...

I am praying for you guys all the time...

Anonymous said...


Hey there big guy... the boys were so excited today about making some cards for you in church. You should be getting them soon. We sang "Fishers of Men" in class today, and I started teaching your class a new song called "My God is SOOO Big!" It's a song that says that there's NOTHING too big for God to handle. I know you will like this one because there are lots of cool hand motions that go with it, and you even get to make BIG muscle arms! :)
We are saying some really special prayers for good news tomorrow, Isaiah. We know you are in God's arms, and we hope that you can especially feel how big and loving those arms are tonight as you go to sleep.


Jason, Tami, Lucas, Colby and Caleb

PS. It was good to see your daddy and sister today in church. Give your mommy a hug for us though, okay?

Darcy said...

Isaiah....we can see Jesus through your attitude. Pretty cool when God is on your side, huh?
It is so good to see you smile. We are praying for your healing and for your family.
Christian, Darcy, Tyler and Caleb

Torrey said...

Nate & Carm,

You are absolutely amazing! What fabulous parents to have on the dark days...and the bright days. Yay for Isaiah getting up and about! There isn't a day that passes when you aren't thought about. I pray that God continues to give you immense strength on this journey.

Miss Sienna,

Sadie tells me you are the absolute best at making your brother smile. Keep the up the good work, and good job at being such an amazing big sister.


bita said...


I am so proud of you. Getting up to walk must have been hard, but you did it ! Do they have some fun things to do in the playroom? I have been missing you this weekend, but am coming this afternoon for a sleepover. See you then.
Love from your Bita

Cody Marie Bolton said...


Way to go Isaiah!

Cody Marie Bolton

Unknown said...

WOW! What a huge joy it is to see you walk with your Mom! God is awesome! We are praying for you and your precious family. May God give you His peace and His amazing strength!
Love and prayers,

Jill, Joanna,Jerusha & Jillian Loya