Tuesday, June 5, 2007

And now the good news…

After bottoming out at zero yesterday (normal is 5,000 – 10,000) Isaiah’s white blood count is up today to 1100– a good sign that the chemo has knocked out much of the leukemia cells and that now healthy cells are growing. Thank God. The bone marrow test “looked good.” (We get some pretty vague reports at this stage). They’ve taken him off his anti-biotic and it’s been several days since he’s had a fever. He still has many difficult moments each day but, overall, we’re seeing improvement and hope to be home soon.

What we need now is strength – he hasn’t wanted to get out of bed since our big outing to the play room a few days ago. Please pray for his strength to return.

“Dear Jesus, please give my daddy strength to help me get better.” - Isaiah praying for me this morning.

“Tell (cousin) Maicee I miss her and hope to see her soon.” - Isaiah’s response to my asking him what we should write in his blog.


Niamh McCreary said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! We can't WAIT to have you home Isaiah and hope that God gives you the strength to take another little walk soon. You're such an amazing SUPERMAN!!! You are so blessed to have such an amazing Dad, Mom and Sister helping to guide you through the hard moments. We love you all and will continue to pray for healing, peace and strength.

Much love,
Niamh, David, Cormac and Ronan!

Dave McCreary said...

Hey little buddy
I am SO glad to see your color and smile coming back! The night before you went to the hospital you could have passed for Cormac's bro (except for the hair!).
Well your backyard is waiting for you when you get better and I am glad you are out of bed on your feet. I bet they were getting bored just hanging around and not jumping off of things...
God bless you for your strengh that you give to your family :)

Amber said...

Awesome news!!! God is so good!!! I have been praying for you guys constantly and have many friends up in WA praying for you as well.

You are an amazing family and blow me away with your faith and constant positive outlook. You have been an inspiration to me as you go through this!

You all are very loved!


Kathy said...

Don't think I've felt a lump in my throat this big in a long long time. Thank you Jesus! You hear the prayers of your saints, big and little. How can we love a little saint so much and not really have met him??? but oh we do! We are thankful for the this amazing news and for this faithful family.

Bill and Kathy (Yuba City)

Molly Lilja said...

Great News Isaiah! We are praying that you get stronger and stronger and get to see your cousin soon!

Nate and Carmen,
We are praying for you continually and wish so much we could do more. Love you.

The Liljas
Also in WA!!

Auntie Angie said...

LOVE the picture! You guys look great, and I am so happy that things are looking good. Isaiah, you have been so strong, Patrick and I are so proud of you! Sienna you are being such an awesome big sister...we love you and miss you too. I will keep praying for you all, and I send my hugs and cuddles to Sienna and Isaiah.

Missing you guys,

Terri said...

Dear Isaiah,
Though you don't know me, I have been praying for you daily, as has my family. This scripture has given me a lot of strength and hope, and has been huge in my family's life.

“Do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

Believe the words written, and may God continue to carry you and your family through this very difficult time.

Anonymous said...


AWESOME!!! We are so happy to hear that your body is really tackling those "bad guys" and bringing in the "good guys". I know that your super powers will kick in soon so that you can make it to the play room, and eventually home soon. We will pray for that specifically, okay? The boys all send ya' BIG high fives tonight. You should have seen their huge smiles when I told them your good news. They can't wait to see you (especially Caleb)! Oh... if your tummy is feeling better, ask mom or dad for one of the cookies that we brought. Caleb helped make them and he's SURE they will help you feel better. :)

Hugs to you all,

Jason, Tami, Lucas,Colby and Caleb

Stanphill Family said...

We are so relieved to hear the good news....we will be praying for strength for you all. I think I must check this posting about 10 times a day. You are teaching us all how to approach and handle crisis and challenges in life. Isaiah, you are in inspiration. Nathan, Carmen and Sienna, so glad to see your smiling faces. We miss you guys and pray for you constantly. Really!

castagnolifamily said...

YEA!!! We are cheering so loudly in our house after reading the good news. I can't wait to meet the real SUPERMAN....Isaiah Oates!

We will have to see what happens with my Spurs and your Cavaliers in the championship. Lebron looked pretty amazing in the series with the Piston. Will the Spurs stop him?

Love, Craig and Vanessa

Hi Sienna! It was so nice to meet you at church. Say hello to your pet elephant for me. Hope to see you again real soon.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to read the good news tonight. Isaiah, you are so strong and very special to all of us who love you so much. Tell Mom and Dad to watch the mail. I am sending you and Sienna a present. I love presents, don't you???? I won't spoil the suprise, but I hope it will make you smile and feel special that even in San Diego you have LOTS of people who love you very much. I am sending a squishy grandmother kind of hug. I hope you don't mind. XXOO

Megan Webb said...

YAY!!! I am really happy to hear that good report :o) I have complete peace in God's control. I will continue to pray for Isaiah's physical strength, but also the strength and joy of the whole family. You Oates are all amazing ;)

Peace be with you.
-Megan Webb

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! We have been so eager to hear good news. We're still praying for continued progress. Thanks for keeping us updated...it has been a blessing to be updated on this journey you are on to know how to be praying.

Love you all,
Kim and the Marshall fam

Michelle Coder said...

I've been checking your blog alot and was so happy to hear the good news and see your smiling faces. It is a happy day!

I continue to pray that you will feel stronger each day, Isaiah.

Love and Light to all of you.


Unknown said...

I don't know how the little man stays so positive. I doubt I could.

To Isaiah: I just keep looking up to you primito. It makes me so proud to have your blood pumping in my veins. I begin to remember there is nothing I cannot do.

To Carm and Nate: Well, I haven't really organized into words all that I want to say to you guys, and I probably wouldn't post it here for all to see anyway. But I love you very much and we all love you very much. Thank you so much for the good news.

Angela Henning said...

From Madelyn:
"I love you Isaiah. I wish I could see you. You are a good boy. When you are better, I want to pretend you are a guard and I am a princess."

www.sixhennings.com said...

Sopie Sopes says:
"Isaiah, I love you. You are so cute and jump so high! Your mom is good for you. Your dad Nathan is good. Your dad Nathan is so cute too. I pray for you."

ylcooper said...

Nate and Carm! I got an email from Pick about Isaiah and a link to your blog. I just wanted you to know that I am praying!!! Love you guys!

In His Grip,

Kim Cooper

Ireland Family said...

LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!! We're so happy to hear some good news!!
Isaiah- you are such a strong,amazing, brave little boy.
We're praying for you all and can't wait to see you soon!

All Our Love,
Tim, Trish, Timmy, Joey, Tanner, Sophia, and Allie Ireland

Brenda said...

Nathan and Carmen,

I'm not sure if you remember me from the Church of the Nazarene in Sacramento, but I wanted to let you know Justin and I are here and are praying for all of you. My grandmother (Phyllis Carter) just told me about what was going on this last week. I'm so sorry! I was tested not too long ago for a bone marrow transplant for a little guy named Trevor that was featured on News 10. I am listed in the bone marrow donor database. I want to help! I would be more than willing to be a donor if I am a match for your son. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help set up drives to find a match if it comes down to it. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Give the family a big hug from us.

Brenda and Justin Luna
West Sacramento, CA

Victoria said...

I'm so happy for you! A milestone and I'm praising God for those good results! The next vague comments you will hear will be "Soon" (Soon this, soon that, never soon enough!!) Hugs to all the Oates family. Hang in there Isaiah, you are so strong and courageous - a superhero for sure!

Victoria said...

I'm so happy for you, Isaiah! You are so strong and courageous! Sienna, I know you are helping your brother with silly faces and just being there with him when you can. Nate and Carmen, this is good news, the first of many milestones. The next vague comments will include the word "Soon..." (Soon this, soon that, but never soon enough!)Selim and I will pray for Isaiah's strength--and yours.Try to focus to baby steps each day...Hugs to you all.

Sister Cindy said...

Hi big guy!

I am a preschool teacher from the other side of the country and I learned of your courageous fight and just wanted to let you know that there are people who are praying for you, even though they haven't even met you--because you are a special child of God! You keep smiling--and don't give up!

Love from
Miss Cindy
Fairfield, CT

Cara Wefers said...

Wonderful news!

We believe your strength and courage will bring you through the most difficult moments and we pray everyday for your family.

The neighborhood is not the same without you and we look forward to Sienna pumping on the swings and Isaiah throwing the "vortex" again very soon!

Carmencita said...

Hi guys. I just wanted to tell you that I have been praying very hard my parents too.
I almost fell out of my chair at work when I saw the good news!
Keep strong Isaiah. I send you lots and lots of hugs and kisses.
Love you all very much. -CAT

Molly Lilja said...

Isaiah we hope that you are feeling better today. We prayed for you this morning, for your strength.
Drew and Zach Lilja

rewind photography said...

dear superman, i am praying your super powers will come back to you soon. i can not beleive how strong you are. i a have been looking at you blog every day. and whan i see your cute little smile it makes me so happy. god is all ways with you. rebekah andrews.

Jessie said...

We Praise the Lord that you are getting better. We have been praying for you, and it is so good to know that the treatment has been working. You are a wonderful family, and we are so bless to have you. Love the Sherburns, and the Crumley's.

Darcy said...

Our hearts are lifted to hear of your great test results. Your family's smiles just make all of us smile too! You are being so brave and strong in the Lord.
Keep it up, Superman!

In Christ,
The Bellezas

Cara said...

Hiya Oates Family

I'm so glad to hear that Isaiah is doing well. The prayer that he said, made me cry! Anyway, Nathan it was good to see you in church today! My heart did a backflip when I saw you smile.

I've been praying for you guys...

Cara said...

Hiya Oates Family

I'm so happy that Isaiah is home! When I read the part of the blog that said what Isaiah prayed, it made me cry! I believe God answers all prayers of little children.

I'm glad I saw you smile at church today, Nathan. I've been praying for you guys a lot.