Tuesday, July 3, 2007

feeling better

Thanks for your notes and messages. Isaiah is feeling a little better since the weekend and is looking forward to playing with sparklers tomorrow night.

We watched the original Star Wars with the kids for the first time the other night. It's been so fun watching him become captivated by the story much like I was at his age almost thirty years ago. So for the last 48 hours from the moment he wakes up we've been fielding non-stop questions about why Anakin turned bad and why the sandpeople don't talk and why Darth Vader has one color light saber and ObiWan has another and how did Han Solo and Chewbacca become friends... and on... and on...


molly lilja said...

Hey!! Welcome to my world! We have been talking about Star Wars every day for over a year!!!! I cannot believe how much millage we have gotten out of that movie. Never mind that I didn't ever really like it! lol! I am so glad that Isaiah is feeling better. We are praying for you.


anne dease said...

Oh my goodness....I remember holding our newborn son in my arms and going to the drive in to see Star Wars. Time marches on much to quickly. Good news to hear Isaiah is feeling better and hopefully our Princess Sienna is doing better too. I hope each day brings more smiles and less hardships. How much this blog has touched our hearts. Love and hugs from San Diego.

Tough Guy Kyler said...

Hi Isaiah,

I am glad you are feeling better. Have you watched episode #4 in Star Wars? There is a new Star Wars game coming out soon. I have little Star Wars toys that I got in the hospital. I also have 2 light sabers. If you want to know why Aniken changed to evil it is because the Emperor lied and tricked him to go to the dark side. He thought it would save his wife. He actually lied to him 2 times. You could come over and we can battle on our trampoline!


Niamh McCreary said...

I'm so glad to see Isaiah moving around much better and playing as a little boy should! We'll keep praying for a good appointment on Thursday.


Niamh, David, Cormac and Ronan

rewind photography said...

Dear Oates,
We haven't written for a bit, but please know we pray daily, and we check your blog daily.
Carmen, todays picture made me miss our beginning friendship...your thoughtful face (I know you are probably exhausted and don't have much time for thought:) Missing you,

Ferrara Family said...

May "the force" be with all of you.
Our love and prayers,
The Ferraras

Patrick said...

hey guys...great to see you feeling better Isaiah! Star Wars is one of our all time favorites! (we have the set if you need to borrow any). Hope to see you and Sienna for "fireworks" out front tomorrow! (and mom and dad, of course!)

love you,
Cara, Patrick and Jae

Tami said...

Hey Isaiah,

We have been on a trip for awhile, but I just got updated with your blog. Sounds like you've had a rough few days, but I'm SOOO glad that you're feeling better now. Keep bein' strong!

Oh my goodness... welcome to the world of Star Wars! Carmen, you're life will NEVER be the same! Isaiah, when you're feeling better, you will have to come up and play Star Wars with the boys! We have every type, shape and color light saber imaginable and LOTS of the action figures to play with too! We're so glad that you have something new and exciting to talk to mom and dad about!

We love you all and hope that this day will bring some fun and happy moments your way...



Tami said...



Lucas, Colby and Caleb

PS. We are praying for you and that you will be able to play soon!

Tami said...


I just wanted to tell you what a joy it is to my heart to see such love between a brother and sister in these pictures. I can see that you are an EXCEPTIONAL sister and that you love your brother more than words can say. You are a blessing to your family as well as all of us as we witness this love between the two of you. You are also a VERY strong girl, you know. It takes a VERy special girl to see her brother through such hard days. We pray for you too every time we pray. We pray for strength for you. We also pray for many smiles to appear on your sweet face during this time. We can see that these prayers are being heard! :0)

Hugs to you,


birdinflight said...

Hey, Isaiah! I'm glad you're feeling better and watching Star Wars. Wow! My brother I went to the opening day of the first Star Wars movie...in a time long, long ago. Every line for the movie was about 10 blocks long and a lot of people were wearing costumes. My brother dressed up like a giant lizard. A man accidentally stepped on his long tail and my brother said "Ouch!" The man said, "Oh I'm so sorry" and then realized he stepped on a fake tail. We had a good laugh.

My cousin loves Star Wars even more than my brother and I do. She memorized the entire script from the first movie and has a big collection of early Star Wars toys still in their boxes. Her husband loves the movie too. My cousin and her hubby are both cinematograpers so they decided to have a Star Wars/movie theme wedding. Their wedding march was the "Triumphal March" from Star Wars 3, their wedding cake was the Cloud City and they had life sized cardboard cutouts of all the Star Wars characters at the reception. While that sounds pretty way out it was loads of fun. My cousins are actually a very "normal" Christian couple...they just LOVE Star Wars.

I bet you'll like the rest of the trilogy too, Isaiah.

The Force is with you!

Love Michelle

Robert said...

Brave, brave, brave SUPERMAN!

Thank you so much for the updates. We have been following your blog quite regularly and have been on a daily prayer vigil since we first heard of Isaiah's (and the whole family's) challenge.

You continue to bless and encourage others with your striking example of how to LIVE the Christian walk of faith, trust and experience.

Robert & Janice Hale