Monday, July 30, 2007


We had a great week with our extended family at the beach. Isaiah seemed stronger and happier than he has since his diagnosis. We are so grateful we were able to go.
At today's doctor's appointment we learned that Isaiah's ANC has dropped to we're back to being super careful about exposure. He also received Vincristine which typically affects his ability to walk for several days. Thanks for your continued support!


Unknown said...

What wonderful photos! We are thankful that your family had some relaxing time away and that Isaiah was able to just be a kid! We will keep praying for high counts!

Cara, Patrick and Jae

Erica Ochoa said...

Great pictures!!! Praise God for some good family time. Congradulations on that BIG fish!!!!
We are praying for big counts. Big, fat, strong, high counts.
Love, The Ochoas

Michelle Coder said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed playing at the seashore. What a great place!!!!!! And you caught a fish. WOW! I've never even tried that.

I continue to pray for great, high ANC counts and fast recovery from side effects. You are often in my thoughts, Isaiah.

Much Love and big hugs to all of you!

Love Michelle and her furkids Sophie, Bonnie, Ted, Chai, Missy, Coco, Porshe and little rabbit Morgan.

P.S. Yes, Isaiah, I have seven dogs, 1 rabbit, 2 hermit crabs and a snail. Is that silly, or what!

sarah hornacek said...

we are so glad you were able to go to the beach, isaiah! it looks like you had a super fun time! did you catch that big fish? that is sooo cool! i'm sure you are ready to rest in your cozy bed at home after such a long trip. love you buddy and we sure do love seeing that smile!

love, the hornacek's

Tami said...


We are SOOOOO glad that you had a great time at the beach!! Looking forward to playing soon, Isaiah. we're praying HARD for good counts at your appointment tomorrow!


The Grays

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had the best time!!! Nothing better than the beach for relaxation. I will pray for counts that go up and up. Hugs from San Diego.