Wednesday, August 1, 2007

feeling good

We're all watching Isaiah with a measure of wonder. Even though he received Vincristine (which normally puts him in bed for a couple days) on Monday, he's been playing and kicking a soccer ball and wanting to wrestle. He's got a new enthusiasm for taking his pills and supplements, like he's taking ownership over trying to get healthy. He keeps telling his mom that he can't run yet but that he "really wants to run."

Tomorrow he and I go back to the clinic to check his blood counts. On Monday they delayed his daily chemo treatments because his ANC was so low. We'll keep you posted. Thanks for all your encouragement and support. Please pray for protection from infection and illness.


The Cohen's said...

Your family doesn't know me, but I check this blog everyday. It was forwarded to me by a friend for prayers. I am so amazed by Isaiah and his strength and faith in God, and his positive attitude. I have learned so much from him already.

Isaiah, you and your family are in my prayers every day, I know that you can beat this and you will be all the more strong.

Kathy said...

We're just back from Nazarene camp meeting in Prescott, AZ where the cabin on lot #131 prayed for the boy in the floppy hat everyday. Our family anxiously checked blog news, then we gathered around to talk to Jesus about him. We know that Jesus cares about running and catching big fish. Sure is a big fish! We're praising God for a happy family vacation for you and the big smile underneath the hat. Sure is a big smile!
We love you, Oates family,
Bill and Kathy

Jennifer said...

We are praying for you!

The Ferraras