Thursday, August 23, 2007

gearing up for Monday

Isaiah has had another great week. At his regular Tuesday appointment, his counts were (again) too low to continue chemotherapy. So he's been chemical-free for two weeks and loving it.

We're scheduled to go back to the hospital on Monday. The plan is to administer three types of chemo, including one through a spinal tap. This means Isaiah will be fasting until early afternoon.

Please pray for our little guy. He's feeling so encouraged lately but this next week will be tough. Pray that he won't get discouraged.

With Papa at the Beach


Amber said...

I love this picture! How precious! Isaiah, I will be thinking about you next week and praying that you will be as strong as superman and get through all of this. God is good!

Anonymous said...

We will fast with you Superman....and hold tightly to God's hand as He continues to watch over you. Have a great weekend and give Sienna a hug for us. We keep you all in prayer. Hugs from San Diego.

birdinflight said...

Hi Isaiah,

I'll be fasting with you and praying. You'll get through this next step of chemo too, just like you did the last one. God is holding you in his arms, Isaiah, and we are all sending you tons of love.

Give big hugs to mom, dad and sis from the Coders!

Love Michelle

Cody said...

May our Lord, Savior and King be with you especially this week, Superman! God Bless, Peace and Love in Christ

The Bolton Family and Joan Nader