Monday, August 6, 2007

5 years old!

We're thanking God for 5 amazing years of sharing life with this beautiful boy and the privilege of being his parents. Some family joined us tonight for a "Chicken Little" party. Celebrate his birthday with us! Thank you for your support!


Anonymous said...

Hi Isaiah! It's your cousin Lauren. I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday again. I hope today was absolutely the best and that you had a whole lot of fun!!! Being five is awesome!!!!!!! I love you a lot Isaiah and I'll keep praying for you.



rewind photography said...

Happy birthday Isaiah! How cool is this, our Gabriel's birthday is August 6th so you guys are birthday buddies. You are daily in our prayers,
The Andrews

Taria M. said...

I may be a day late, but I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! I think you are a very special young man, and that God has a very special plan for you and your life. You've already touched so many, and given us all something to strive for in our faith. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

With so much love,


mollyllilja said...

Happy birthday!! We hope you had a wonderful day. We think of you and pray for you daily. Zachy has a birthday this month too! Have a good week.
The Liljas

Bob Sweat said...

Happy birthday Isaiah! I have never met you, but I want you to know how much your words have blessed me these past weeks. It looks like you had a fun day on your birthday. That cake looks sooooo good!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah! I love your cake, that is AWESOME! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You and your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Love to you all!

Amber Bobst

Kathy said...

Happy "Kiss" day. That's our family's day after birthday. We're sending you hugs and kisses through this message and through our prayers. Isaiah, you are a big boy with a big God. He is shining and speaking through you.

Yippy! You're 5!

Bill and Kathy

Michelle Coder said...

Wow! I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!! You like Star Wars too! I went to the very first opening day of the Star Wars movie in a year long long ago. My brother dressed up like a lizard alien. It was really fun.

Much love to all of you this week!


brit-tah-nee said...

Happy 5th birthday Isaiah!!!I hope you had a great birthday party, it looks like you had an awesome cake too! I think about you and your family all the time and I am praying for you tons. You are an amazing boy, and through your courage you are showing other people what Jesus is like. Stay strong dude!
love you,

Megan Webb said...

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!

I can't believe you are 5 already :o) I am praying for a great new year of life for you, filled with God's fresh love and blessings.

-Megan Webb

P.S. That cake looks amazing!

Meghan Dease said...

Hi Isaiah,

Happy Birthday (one day late)! We hope you had a great day with your friendsjavascript:void(0) and family. This year will bring you many blessings. We love you!

Meghan and Dustin

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! I saw you, your daddy and sister at the hospital today (I was doing some volunteer work) and thought to myself that you looked so big! Take care of your self and your family.


Josh Unfried said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah!! All of us missed you tonight at the baseball game - we are glad that you had such a wonderful party yesterday. The big number 5!! We think and pray for you everyday. We love you.
Rebecca, Josh, Aaron and Jonah

mari said...

Love the picture, the cake and the smiles. I hope you guys had lots of fun. Our prayers are with you every day, so, you can always have days like this one.

Happy 5th birthday Isaiah!
(lentos pero seguros)

Ileana, Edgar Rafael, Marisol and Edgar

Tami said...


WOW... the big 5! It looks like you had a great celebration with your family! We are praying for a year full of health and strength for you and your family. We know that God has brought you through so much and we are confident that He is continuing to walk beside you through the rest of this journey... a journey for all of us as we have learned so much through YOU, Isaiah! Have fun being FIVE... there's actually a really fun book called "It's Hard To Be Five" that your parents should check out. It's been a favorite at our house for years!

We hope to see you soon!


Jason, Tami, Lucas, Colby and Caleb

ps. Caleb thinks it's pretty cool that your birthday is so close to his birthday too!:0)

castagnolifamily said...

Hi Isaiah!
Happy Birthday!!! You have the same birthday as Craig. Looks like you had a fun time at your party.
We continue to pray for you everyday!

Craig, Vanessa, and Tyler

Leanne said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I am a fellow Wheaton grad (class of 97) who randomly listened to an online sermon Lyle Dorsett preached and he mentioned your son and his illness. I dug around on the internet and found this site. I have been praying for your family every day and wanted you to know it. I have three small children myself and know that it takes special courage to go through something like this. God bless! Take care...Leanne Bruno

Kaitlyn Henning said...

Happy birthday buddy!! A Chicken Little Party!! That must have been so much fun!! My Grandma says happy bithday too!!I can't wait to see you guys again. My grandma and I are in Baltimore and while we were here picked out some stuff for you guys!! I love you Superman!!

Cody Marie Bolton said...

Hey, happy belated birthday Isaiah! You are sooo brave, and at only 5 years old!

Be strong!
In Christ's Love,
Clayton, Donna, Cara and Cody (The Bolton's)