Thursday, August 2, 2007

coming up

Isaiah's counts were up to 702 today. He seems very encouraged by how well he's been feeling lately. We needed to be at 750 to continue chemotherapy, so the doctors are postponing that again until Tuesday.

After the appointment we went to lunch together and had a great time talking about all sorts of different things. At one point I asked him, "What's your favorite thing about Mom?" He responded quickly, "Everything." :)

Isaiah and his favorite cousin, Maicee


Valerie said...

Mom's are the best! Praying for rapidly increasing counts.....

Anonymous said...

Isaiah - You are so amazing! You are teaching all of us adults how to trust God when things are really tough! We love you and are praying for the counts to go up, up, up!

Carmen - Thinking of you today. I've only had a small taste of all that you are going through right now (our little Bailey last year). There is nothing in this world harder than seeing your child sick and in pain. You are on my heart constantly and I pray for you often.

Nathan - funny thing... I invited a mom and daughter over for a play date the other day (the daughter is in Kate's preschool class). As she was telling me about herself she said she went to Wheaton. I thought it was a shot in the dark to ask if she knew you guys but I did and she knew you Nathan really well. The sad news is that I can't remember her name right now!!! I'll have to get back to you on that, sorry.

Sienna - Whenever my girls see pictures of you they ask when we will see you again. Maybe you can talk your parents into a southern cal vacation and you can come stay with us!

Love you all,
Kim Marshall

Michelle Coder said...

Isaiah, it's great you're feeling better and are taking an active part in your healing by taking your meds. We love you and continue to pray for higher counts (:

Michelle and the Coder family.

Tami said...

Hey big guy...

Sorry we couldn't make it over today since Caleb is sick. We were really looking forward to our "Star Wars date"! We'll do it soon though, okay? We are so thankful that your counts are back up!! YEAAAA!!! The boys continue to pray for you every day. You have been an amazing picture of God's goodness and faithfulness for our family, but especially Luke, Colby and Caleb.
What a sweet thing to say about your mom! Those are words that she will hold in her heart FOREVER! Little boys have a special place in their mommy's hearts too. When we're well again, we'll play!



bita said...

We think your mom is just the best, too.
Your Bita and Papa

Anonymous said...

I know these days are so difficult for all of you....but maybe it is part of God's plan that you are the inspiration for all of us to deepen our faith and conviction. I know that is so true for me. I feel closer to God because I see His goodness in your family. And when Isaiah is all better, we will PRAISE Him for this little boy who smiled thru his illness and his family that taught us what true faith is. We love you and pray for counts that continue to go higher and higher. Hugs from San Diego said...

Hey sweet boy,
I miss you. I hope to see you very soon. I love you!

Anonymous said...
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Megan Webb said...
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Megan Webb said...

Hello Oates Family,

Carmen is one of the best :o) I praise God for Isaiah's strength. I am continually praying for you all.


(Is Sienna's page gone now?)