Wednesday, July 18, 2007

pretty easy

Today's trip to the hospital was easy compared to the last few. No chemo today. No fasting. Just a blood draw to check counts. We were in and out in 90 minutes compared to the usual day-long experience. Still, Carmen and I have been remarking about just how tired we feel on days when we go to the hospital. I guess it's all the decisions and "what if's" and questions for the doctors and seeing the kids in the hall who are going through this. We just come home wiped out.

His blood counts were down quite a bit from last week. We're hoping to get away next week with our extended family for our annual beach trip. It would do us all some good. Would you please pray that Isaiah's counts remain high enough on Monday for us to be able to go? Thank you all!


bita said...

I see some pirates came along for company. With those, and all your little Star Wars guys, you are surrounded daily by super-heros, cheering you on. And all of us too, of course. We will be praying for the beach trip....

I love you
Your Bita

Cody Marie Bolton said...

God Bless you!
We are all praying for your blood counts to stay high enough to take the trip!
Be Strong and Courageous!
Peace and Love in Christ,
Cody Bolton and family, and Joan Nader

Erica Ochoa said...

The Ochoas are praying for some blood counts. Some big, high, beautiful blood counts.
We are also praying for serious strength on hospital days and the ability to relax when you get home. I know from experience that they are tough. Beach trip prayers are in there too.
You are amazing Isaiah... My girls think you are a pretty tough dude.
Love, Sal, Erica, Alex, Maddie and Nick

castagnolifamily said...

Nathan,Carmen,Sienna and Isaiah-
You are in our prayers everyday!
We pray for the blood counts to increase and for peace. I hope that you are able to go to the beach.

We continue to cheer for ya'll...GO Oates family GO!

God bless ya'll,
Craig, Vanessa, Tyler, Paul and Hilda!

Pam said...

Isaiah, you are SO STRONG! I am amazed by you all the time! We are praying that every single day your blood counts get better so that you feel better. We sure do pray that you get to come to the beach too. Love to you, Amazing Kid! ---Pam

rewind photography said...

hi super man, i am really happy your hospital trip was easyer then the few last weeks. god blees you. you are so strong. god loves you. lots of love. rebekah andrews

Megan Webb said...

Nate and Carmen,

I am continually praying for your family. You two are some of the most amazing people I know and I miss you incredibly. I am praying for serenity (and high blood counts).

May the peace of Christ be with you.

-Megan Webb

Michelle Coder said...

Yep, hospitals are not a lot of fun. Peace be with you on the rocky path.

I remember a Spanish Song I used to sing, by Joaquin Rodrigo, in which a shepherd was climbing up a difficult rocky mountain path and among the thorns that stung his feet were the most beautiful rock roses.

I'm praying for a sense of deep peace and relaxation for you all and that Isaiah's blood count stays high enough this week for all of you to embrace the sea.

Love Michelle

Anonymous said...

Do you know Isaiah that seeing your sweet smile and that of your sister Sienna's brings such joy to all of us who are praying for you? We are praying for HIGH blood counts so you have sandcastles, seashells and bonfires with LOTS of smores in the week ahead. Nathan and Carmen, it goes without saying that we admire your courage and kindness in allowing us to take this walk with you. I only wish we could carry more of the hard parts for you, but I know HE who has said " come to me all of you who are burdened..." is there to watch over you. Hugs from San Diego said...

Hey sweet boy,
I miss you. I keep praying for you down here in Nicaragua. I love you lots and will have some funny stories to tell you when I get back.

Darrell Farley said...
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Darrell Farley said...

Hey Little guy! You are looking good. I don't think Superman ever looked so good.
I'm so glad to see you are moving right along and doing so well. We hope to see you around soon. Tell your Mom & Dad we said thanks for their support and friendship.
Take care buddy!
Darrell, gina, Matt, Lauren & Emalee

Taria M. said...

Sweet Isaiah,

You consume so many of my thoughts each day with my wondering how you're feeling, if you're getting stronger, and how you're family is doing. I pray for your stength and strong immune system, and that you always know just how much you are loved by God and so many of us.

With hugs and loves,


Stac said...

HI Isaiah,
The Silvey Family and the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church keep praying for you. We are blessed by how strong and courageous one little boy can be. We are also blessed by all the things God has done for you and your family in all of this.
I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach with your family. God is good!
By His Grace,

Tami said...


We are praying for you and specifically your blood counts right now...


We thank you for all of the blessings you have shown us through this little man, Isaiah. We thank you for what an AWESOME example he is to us! We pray right now for his blood counts to rise WAY UP THERE... higher than ever before so that they can all get away for this trip to the beach. We also pray that Isaiah is just blessed with extra amounts of strength during this vacation time. May this entire family just go and REST in your arms during the upcoming week. Thank you for hearing us... for hearing our hearts even before we do. We know that YOU will continue to do great things in Isaiah's life!


Be strong... keep bein' that superhero we have all come to love so much!


Tami said...


We were talking recently about costumes for halloween this year. Caleb announced that he wanted to be Superman... BUT... Lucas and Colby said he couldn't be because YOU were ALREADY Superman! Thought you would get a giggle out of that one! :0)