Tuesday, July 24, 2007


While his ANC was borderline (anything below 500 is considered neutrapenic), Isaiah’s lead physician, Dr. Yim, cautiously encouraged us to go ahead with our beach plans. In his distinct accent he said, “Go, have life.”


So we’re here at the beach where we plan to try to relax, enjoy our time as a family, and check Isaiah’s temperature often.

After his shower this evening I asked Isaiah if he had been worried that we might have to stay home. His response was remarkable. And I share it more because of what I believe it reveals about God than about Isaiah. He said, “With my eyes I didn’t think I’d be able to go. But in my heart I knew that I would.” I asked him, “How did you know that?” He replied, as a simple matter of fact, “God told me.”
It's in times like these that I'm grateful for a God who comforts and speaks to children.

Have a great week. Thank you for praying for our son.


Anonymous said...

Because you can rest....we can too. Sleep has been fitful this week, but I took it as an opportunity to pray for all of you. Praise God for the blessings of family and being together in such a beautiful setting. I even prayed that Sienna would see dolphins. Not the most important part of my praying (G), but thought I might as well get all the wishes in that I could. Enjoy your week, and please know that I NEVER need thank yous. It is just a blessing to know your family, and we are so grateful for you in our lives.

rewind photography said...

thank god you can go! i am so happy. you are so strong and you make me smile when i read about you. i hope you have a grate time at the beach with you family. lots of love rebekah andrews

birdinflight said...

God gives us what we need (: I'm very glad you are all at the beach enjoying the sea air. There is re-creation in the power of God's beauty made manifest in nature.
Blessings and hugs to all of you!
You remain in my prayers.

Lucas said...

There's nothing more relaxing than the feel of sand between your toes! PRAISE GOD that you were able to go and get these days of rest and refreshment! We will be praying that Isaiah's counts will continue to rise while you are playing at the beach. It should be a VERY therapeutic week... in many ways! God bless you all...



PS. Isaiah... I know exactly what you mean by not being able to see things with your eyes... but knowing in your HEART God is taking care of your EVERY need! I'm so grateful to you for reminding me of this though... what a special boy you TRULY are!

Meghan Dease said...

Yeah!!! We are SO happy to hear that you guys get to go and enjoy the beach trip. Dustin and I will be praying for a restful and fun filled trip for all of you. We love you guys so much!

Meghan and Dustin Hein

castagnolifamily said...

Dear Oates Family-
We are so happy that ya'll get to go to the beach. You will have a great time. Family is such a great healer. We have been checking your blog and saying many prayers for ya'll.

Craig, Vanessa, Tyler, Paul and Hilda

Erica Ochoa said...

Yipeeeeeee the beach is an awesome place. The fresh ocean air can fix any attitude. I grew up on the beach and miss the fresh crisp air.
Have a beautiful family time.
God is Good!!!

Nancie said...

We are so excited for you to be at the beach with your family. Praise God for this time you will have together. Enjoy walking on the beach, watching the waves and searching for sea shells. Isaiah be sure to do a good job of burying your dad in the sand...Dad's love that!
-Ken and Nancie

Janet said...

So glad that you all were able to go to the beach...praying that it will be restful & uneventful in the best sort of way. I love you all!


Taria Merrithew said...

I'm so happy you get to be at the beach, next to the beautiful water. I hope that the sunsets are extra special for you.

You give me a renewed sense of faith, Isaiah. You are so strong and courageous.

Keep you close in my prayers!

With love and hugs,

Ferrara Family said...

Have a blast! You all deserve it.

The Ferraras

Patrick said...

Welcome back everyone! We hope your family trip to the beach was relaxing and a time to rejuvinate.

Cara (Patrick and Jae, too!)