Wednesday, July 11, 2007

learning...and teaching me

As I put Isaiah to bed the other night I asked him what he was learning. He thought for a minute and then said, rather apologetically, that he hadn't really learned anything since we left the hospital. I had to smile at that.

So I asked him what he learned in the hospital. I listened to his reply, then I kissed him and wrote this down. Here's what he said:
  • Even when you think you're alone, you're not alone.

  • Even when you think can't be strong and brave, you can be because God is always with you.

  • Sometimes the doctors give you medicine but they don't know if it will hurt you or not - if it will make you hurt more or if it will give you hives or if it will make you throw up - but God knows.

Isaiah had a hard day today. As we worked through taking his medicines tonight he said,
  • There are lots of people who aren't hurting. But there are lots of people who are.

We're fasting tomorrow (Thursday) in preparation for another spinal tap and chemo treatment. Please pray for us. We've got a couple of key issues we need to discuss with the doctors. Thank you!


Niamh McCreary said...

What an amazing little boy you are Isaiah!! You continue to inspire me. I hope tomorrow's treatments are not hard on your body and mind. We will pray for a peaceful day and a restful weekend for you.


Niamh, David, Cormac & Ronan

Cody said...

may God fill the words that the Doctor says tomorrow and I'll fast with you, Isaiah.
God Bless and I pray that you are doing well, in spite of all the medicine that they drug you with!
In God's love and peace,
Cody Marie Bolton

robert said...

I continue to be blessed by the words God has put in the mouth of little Isaiah. Isaiah, you are strong and courageous! You have shown all us adults what courage is all about.

Lucas said...

Sweet Isaiah and Oates family,

WOW... Isaiah, you continue to show us the beauty of Jesus in your sweet spirit and your words. You are so right about the fact that GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING! That DOES make things a little easier to deal with, doesn't it?
We will also be fasting today and praying for all of you. We will pray for your body, Isaiah, and your heart to be courageous through this day. Nate, Carmen and Sienna... we are also praying for peace, strength and wisdom for THIS day... in going to yet another appointment and talking with doctors again. We love you all!


Jason, Tami, Lucas, Colby and Caleb

Anonymous said...

Isaiah, you are OUR strength. Whenever I think something is hard I will say to myself "if Superman Isaiah can be really strong, then I can be strong too". I pray and fast with you today Isaiah, and pray for peace and wisdom for your family.I know you are cradled by a loving family here, and a Father in heaven who watches over you. Know that you are loved SOOOOOOO much. Hugs from San Diego.

molly lilja said...

Nate and Carmen,
I am really praying for you today. I love you,

Vicki Wolfe Alev said...

Hi Isaiah,

I will be praying that this time is easier. It's not always the same so let's pray that this time will be better. I love what you are learning and guess what? You are teaching me, too. God bless you and your family and the doctors who care for you.


Patrick said...

Dear Isaiah, Sienna, Carmen and Nathan,
We thought a lot about you today and hope that your day was successful and not too difficult. Isaiah, your words are such an inspiration to us all!

With love and prayers,
Cara, Patrick and Jae