Sunday, July 8, 2007

The 4th and beyond...

Isaiah celebrated the 4th of July with his cousins from San Jose and all our 5th St. neighbors.

On the 5th he had another spinal tap with chemo. Thursday and Friday were very difficult days. He was in a lot of pain and wouldn't move. We're not sure if this was a reaction to Thursday's chemo or pain associated with two compression fractures which were just discovered in his spine (a side-affect of the steroid treatment he received during the first 30 days).

Please pray for his back to heal, for the pain to subside, and for strength and courage for this Thursday's fasting, spinal tap, and chemo. Thank you!


rewind photography said...

hey superman, i am praying for your back to heal. you are so strong. i know that god will heal your back even if it takes a lon time. god is all ways with you. lots of love. rebekah andrews

Niamh McCreary said...

We will especially pray for your back to heal Isaiah. I'm so sorry you're in pain and pray you will feel comfort from the prayers we are offering for you.


Niamh, David, Cormac and Ronan

Unknown said...

Dear Isaiah, We are so sorry to hear that your back is hurt and know that in time it will heal! You and your family are being so strong and have a lot of love and prayers heading your way.

Carmen and Nathan, as always, if you need anything at all, let us know.

Our love,
Cara, Patrick and Jae

Michelle Coder said...

Hi Isaiah,

I'm in Monterey today visiting a friend and it is actually cold down here. I've been praying for you today alot and then read the blog tonight and found out your back is hurting. I had a compression fracture in my spine about a year ago and, boy, did it hurt. I took Tylenol and used Arnica and that helped. The good news is, that after I rested my back for three weeks the pain lessened and gradually felt a lot better. I'll be praying for your back to heal faster than mine. OK. I love you Isaiah!

Lots of hugs,


Annelies said...

Isaiah, I am not sure what is more sparkling....the fireworks or your smile. You are one amazing guy and we all pray for a better week ahead. Drat on the fasting, but you know what...we are fasting with you. If you can do it, we can do it, although you are a lot braver than we are. Thanks too for sharing your Dad and Sienna with us this weekend. Hugs to you too Carmen. This mother's heart knows your sacrifice and we can't thank you enough. Hugs as always from San Diego.

little peeps said...

"I hope you be strong and help you feel better on your back. I made a picture for you to give you this weekend. I pray for you every night that God would help you feel better. I love you Isaiah."

love Maicee

"I hope your back feels better. I pray for you every night. My dad is gone but he'll pray for you too. We pray for you everynight because we love you so much. I love you Isaiah."

love Brianne

Cody Marie Bolton said...

Hey, Superman!

God will heal that back of yours, as he healed mine.

I have a condition called Spina Bifida Culta (probably spelled it wrong, and my twin has it a lot worse) to where my back is prone to injury, and have a disk out of place in my back. God is love and understanding and filled with mercy, my spiritual gift, by the way, and your back will be healed with the power of Jesus Christ.

God Bless and May His Peace be with you during your time. Joan Nader is praying for you also.

Be Strong, Superman!
Love in Christ,
Cody Marie Bolton

Taria M. said...

Sweet Isaiah,

You have not been far from my thoughts for so long now that it's habit to say a little prayer for you several times a day. My heart is with you and your family each day. I pray that God will heal your back so that you aren't in pain anymore, and that He will continue to give you the strength and encouragement you need to receive.

Lots of love and BIG HUGS,

Meghan Dease said...

Hi Isaiah,
We just wanted to tell you that we love you and are thinking about you. Dustin and I sure hope that your back will heal quickly. You are so brave superman. We're so proud of you. Sienna, I miss my dancing partner. I hope you'll share some of those moves with Isaiah. Nathan and Carmen, we love you guys so much. Know that even way across the Pacific your family is in our thoughts and prayers all day long.
Meghan and Dustin

Jennifer said...

Our continued prayers for all of you ...

Todd, Jennifer, Matthew and
Mary Margaret

Nana and Grandpa said...

Hi there Carmen, Sienna and Isaiah,

I've been trying to send a message since Sunday and for some reason it wasn't accepted. I just decided to keep trying and sure enough, today it worked! During our prayer time tonight, I prayed for God to give you strengh to get through fasting and your tests on Thursday. Isaiah, you may not remember us, but we are just two of the many people who think about you every, single day! Your mom said your back was hurting on Sunday and we pray that God has given you relief from that pain.

Love, Kathy and Don

Nana and Grandpa said...

oops! the previous message was supposed to be for Nathan, too!