Friday, November 30, 2007

growing stronger

One of our favorite trees in Lincoln. 11/25/07


castagnolifamily said...

Wow- that is an awesome tree. I bet only a JEDI knows how to get on that tree. We are praying for you.

Go Isaiah Go!!!!!

Vanessa and Craig

Michelle Coder said...

What a GREAT old oak! I wonder how old that tree is? How did you get up there Isaiah?

I continue to pray for your increasing strength and healing!

Love and Light,


Anonymous said...

Isaiah - you look so small in that big ole tree. But you aren't small, your the biggest bravest young boy that I know. Prayers continue in the Sutter Creek area. Keep up the good work. Only you and Jesus know how to prevent leukemia. Love you lots


Rebecca Unfried said...

Isaiah, I love to see all the pictures of you - what an amazing tree. And your happy face is such a blessing. God is working in you as well as all of us through this trial. I just want to let you know that we love you so much and pray for your continued healing and strength and joy and hope.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones,
I have been struggling getting on the site, but someone said I try being anonymous. So....I just want you to know how much we continue to pray and think of all of you. In this season of God's most loving gift of His Son, we pray for the gift of healing for our dearest Isaiah and that your hearts are full of peace and filled with the joy of holding one another close. We send all of our love and MANY hugs from San Diego. XXXAnne and family