Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day One and Day Nineteen

Yesterday was officially Day 1 of Maintenance! This is a major milestone in Isaiah's treatment. It marks the beginning of fewer visits per month and long periods of time between spinal taps.

His treatment continues with daily chemotherapy at home, steroids at the beginning of each month and spinal taps every three months. Each phase of Maintenance is 12 weeks long. Thank you for joining us in prayer as we begin week number one of this first phase.

Yesterday was also DAY NINETEEN of Sienna's incubation period. We were all happily planning her "homecoming party" when we received a call letting us know she needed to be picked up early from school. She had a fever, was extemely tired and felt achy all over. Now we are anxiously waiting to see if she breaks out. We are still functioning as nomad parents, our hearts in two places when our bodies can only be in one. So we travel back and forth taking turns with each of the kids.

We are all feeling stretched to our limits. We embrace this Advent season with burning hope for Christ to be born into our need for Him right now!


sarah hornacek said...

yay for fewer hospital visits! i know you miss your big sister so much, isaiah, and when she gets to come home, it will be such a super-duper day! we will continue to pray for your health, as well as sienna's.

my heart goes out to your family. the hope of the Lord will always prevail. he is good in ALL times, even the hard times. love you all!


mollyllilja said...

praying you guys.
love you,
the liljas

birdinflight said...

I'm committed to being open to spiritually supporting you, Isaiah, and your family as God directs me to. As mentioned, I am also open to helping you guys in the physical plane. Don't hesitate to ask if you need anything, OK. I'll be honest about what I can and can't do.

Isaiah, I'm praying Sienna will not get chicken pox. I had chicken pox when I was a kid and, boy, did I get itchy.

I love all of you (:

leviclay said...

hello, im a student from lhs in mrs. nelson's class. she showed us all your page about your son and i just wanted to say that your son is in my prayers. i know you guys will get through this.

- levi

Dana said...

Hi Nathan and Isaiah
I have been praying for and keeping up with you and your progress on your blog and realized I never stopped and said HI!
I am so impressed Isaiah with your joy, life and spirit that is HUGE!
Thank you for sharing all that you are going with us!!
You are all in my prayers!

Dana (Kerri and Tim's friend)