Wednesday, December 12, 2007

gentle warriors

Here's a picture of two of the toughest boys we know. Our friend Kyler just had his port removed after a long and arduous battle. This shot was taken at his "port-o-party."


Tami said...

Yes... two of the bravest boys I know also! We could all take a few lessons from this dynamic duo. Sorry we missed our play date this week, Isaiah. We'll do it soon... with everyone well. :0) I hope you had a good week though. Have you gone out to see any of the GREAT Christmas lights this year yet? That's one of our favorite things to do during Christmas. We'll catch up soon, okay?

Love and hugs,


birdinflight said...

You are both tough and brave boys!! I'm so glad for your friend Kyler, Isaiah. He'll be cheering you on to your port-o-party.

Isaiah, I was glad to see you at church today (though I didn't get to talk to you) and I was happy to see you be so thoughtful and bring your dad some food. That made me think about nice things I could do for my mom and dad too.

Blessings and peace to you, Isaiah, and your family. You are all always in my prayers (: