Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Carmen and I were able to get away for a couple days to celebrate our 12th anniversary. At times it felt like we were re-introducing ourselves after many months apart.

The kids were well-cared for by one of Carmen's sisters. They then joined us for a relaxed day of just enjoying one another's company.


Anonymous said...

Carmen - You look so beautiful. I'm so happy you and Nate were finally able to get away. Vacations and date nights are so fun and healthy. Jeff and I look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.
Patty Christensen

Jennifer said...

Todd and I put the ornament favor from your wedding on our tree last weekend and thought of you ... Happy to know you had a nice anniversary!

xo, The Ferraras

Patrick said...

Carmen and Nathan,

Happy Anniversary...Carmen you look absolutely radiant. We are so thrilled that you two had some time away together.

hugs to all of you,
Cara, Patrick and Jae

Anonymous said...

Oh what a nice time for you to be together....and no couple is more deserving or more adorable!!!! I hope you had the best time. Excuse my using this forum for this personal note to thank the children for their call this evening. I am so sorry to have missed it, but Jim was delighted and shared all about it. How kind of you Carmen and I am so happy the children enjoyed their gift. Jim said I would call you tomorrow, but the truth is Jim is having surgery tomorrow for an injury he had in November, and I am not sure how the day will go. So if I do not call, please excuse me, but know I send you all much love and best wishes for a holy and blessed Christmas. XXX Hugs from San Diego

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas dear ones....and all of God's blessings on your dear family. Our love always, Jim, Anne, Meghan, Dustin, Jonathan, Jill and Oma. XXX Hugs from San Diego

JeffGonsalves said...

Nathan, Rob Erickson told me about your blogsite and it's amazing to read your perspective about chemotherapy, cancer, and the huge sacrifice it entails. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and hope you have a great Christmas at home. Isaiah is a trooper, he would kick Superman's hiney in a battle of superhero strength and courage! And I have to say you are pretty brave too, especially in fighting off back cramps from the hospital's wonderful sleep chairs, hypothermia from sleeping next to a frozen window, and premature deafness from the raucous roar of the Hepa-filters! Not to mention the cafeteria food...take care and keep kicking the cancer's butt!!! If you ever have any questions about anything, please feel free to email me at

December 21, 2007 8:25 PM

Dawn said...


You don't know me, but your mom and I used to work together at Wheaton College a long time ago. I know you know that your mom and dad are very special people...and they hold a special place in my heart. I just learned of your fight against leukemia by seeing your website listed on your family's Christmas card. My family and I will surely pray for you and your family, and I will check in at your website often. I read your whole blog and it is obvious to me how close God has been to you through all of this. I am glad you know Him so intimately, Isaiah. He loves you so much, and I can tell He is making you wise and strong. Your strength from God is encouraging to me, Isaiah. You make God happy, that is for sure! Hang in there...
Dawn Wilkinson, Colorado Springs

Carmen said...

Hi Isaiah,
Im very glad that you didn't get sick.