Friday, November 16, 2007

a wrench in the works's the latest little challenge: There was a chicken pox outbreak at Sienna's school. Our kids haven't been vaccinated against the chicken pox (though the kid who just got them was...) and Sienna was definately exposed. If Isaiah were to get the chicken pox at this point, it would be very serious. So Sienna has moved out to live at her Bita and Papa's house for the next three weeks (reason # 9,284 why we're grateful to have them so close) per doctor's orders. Our kids have to be separated until Dec. 3. We're all feeling sad about being apart. Thanksgiving plans have been uprooted. Carmen will be with one of the kids in one house; I'll be with the other in another house.

Never a dull moment.

Isaiah continues to feel very strong. Aside from missing his super buddy, he's doing great. Sienna is happy to be doing the morning chores at Bita's house - it's an adventure for this suburban girl.


mollyllilja said...

ohhh no! What a bummer! Those pox are such a PAIN! I think that if the kid had the vaccine and got the pox, they are less contagious than if they got a "wild" virus. I am so sorry you are apart, that would be really really hard for my kids. We will be praying about this.
Love you,
The Liljas

Michelle Coder said...

I'm praying for all of you, mom, dad and Isaiah, and for Sienna that she won't get the chicken pox. I'm also praying God will continue to embrace all of you with peace.

I've found God provides what we need...sometimes just what we need and no more...but always what we need.

Thanks also for the supportive comment, Nate (:

Much love to all of you!


Rebecca Unfried said...

Isaiah we will be praying for you as you are feeling more tired these days and missing your buddy. I am so sorry for both you and Sienna that you have to be apart from each other. We are so thankful to see God walking with you through this experience. We are so thankful for the joy that you have. We love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Oates Family - you are well loved and prayed for. Your strength as a family is amazing to read about. Thanks again for the updates online - Scott Ritter~~

Alaina said...

My heart continues to rejoice..and weep with you. I will continue to pray as your family unit is uprooted for the next 3 weeks. Praise the Lord for your amazing family - filling in the gaps! You all continue to bless me - a testament of God's love. What a celebration Christmas will be - you'll all be together!!!! Wish there was something more i could do from so far away.

Darrell Farley said...

yea, chicken pox and leukemia don't mix well. 3 weeks into matt's treatment I got shingle (just like chicken pox). That devil tries to think of everything.
Remember that some promises of God can only apply when in times of crisis. Is 54:17- No weapon forged against you will prevail.
Dude, he looks good skin headed!