Friday, November 23, 2007

thanksgiving day

Isaiah and I bach'd it yesterday - we worked in the yard, fixed the dishwasher, did some laundry, talked about Star Wars, watched a lot of football and a couple episodes of Dirty Jobs, played "hide and seek" and "guns" and then "hide and seek" with "guns." We were well-into the box of mandarins and oatmeal for dinner when our across-the-street neighbors brought over heaping plates of their thankgiving feast. I asked Isaiah, "how's that bread?" He said, "Wonderful!"

We were grateful for the several calls we received from friends and family. We enjoyed spending time together. We missed the girls. But it was a good day.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! we are happy to know that you boys had a good day, we did too. We praised the Lord for our good day yesterday and today we'll do it for yours.
God bless you and thanks again for taking the time to let us into your lives.

Edgar, Mari, Edgar and Ile

Unknown said...

Dear Isaiah and Daddy,
We miss you a lot. We had a dance show. I had salad, dressing, rice, turkey and a rootbeer float. It was lots of fun. I wished that you could be here.
Love, Sienna

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
We were thinking about you so much yesterday. I'm glad to hear that you boys had a fun and eventful bachelor day... and it looks as though (from the comment above) that Miss Sienna had an equally good holiday. We love you guys so much!

Meghan and Dustin Hein

Michelle Coder said...

I'm glad the "across the street" neighbors brought you heaping plates. There's nothing like a true Thanksgiving dinner on Turkey Day.

I'll admit I ate more than I needed to. The best part was playing with my nephews, Dain and Chase. They broke their first wishbone. My 5 year old nephew, Dain, had figured out which side of the correctly dried (in the oven) wishbone was the strongest. However, his attempt at a win was foiled by his two year old brother who antipated the "pull" and won the wish. Dain handled Chase's win with amazing grace. Then came the prize...the "Big Wish". After we explained what a wish was, Chase obediently closed his eyes and, we assume, wished for something near and dear to his two year old heart. What does a 2 year old wish for? Hmmm? It was a fun day.

It's good for the male soul to "bach it" once in a while (: Glad to hear the gals had a fun Thanksgiving too.

Hugs and prayers to all!

~M and Co.