Friday, November 2, 2007

Jedi Flamenco!

Isaiah had a great time dressing up as Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master. His favorite part of the night was passing out candy! He and Sienna had a blast walking around the neighborhood with their neighborhood buddies.


gbeidler said...

Isaiah and Sienna, you look so great in your costumes! I'm glad you had a fun Halloween. We were hopeing to be able to see you dressed up. Ava had fun trick or treating with Xander and Graeson.
We love you so much,
Ryan, Gentry & Ava

anne dease said... both look amazing. Sienna, you are sooooo beautiful and Isaiah you have a great warrior face with your costume. Hope you had LOTS of fun. Hugs from San Diego

birdinflight said...

I LOVE the costumes! Very authentic. Yes, Sienna, you are a beauty and, Isaiah, you truly look like a Jedi warrior. Wow! I'm glad you had a great time trick or treating.

Jennifer said...

What beautiful kids they are! You are in our thoughts. Congratulations on the baptism!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, guys you look cool in those costumes! Sienna you look beautiful; Red is the color for you, OlĂ©! And you, Luke "Isaiah" Skywalker, you look intimidating I’m sure
Dark Vader didn’t want to mess with “The Empire” knowing that you were around.
I wanted to dress up as a witch, but I didn’t have time, even so, I did have fun
giving candy away. I’m glad you guys had fun, it was a nice evening.

Blessings for you all,

Edgar, Mari, Ile and Edgar

mollyllilja said...

Hope you guys are doing okay. We are praying for you each day.
the Liljas

little peeps said...

Sienna, my girls LOVE your dress! Isaiah, I LOVE your very Jedi-ish look in this second picture. That's awesome. You remind me of your dad when HE played Star Wars with me. I love it! We love you and pray for you daily.
Aunt Kait and fam