Tuesday, November 20, 2007

blood pressure and trash cans

Friends - Isaiah was at the hospital yesterday for his regular blood check (he's up from 500 last week to 800 - he apparently never "bottomed out" at zero as expected). And, it appears that his bone marrow is producing at a higher rate than expected. Thank God. While receiving an antibiotic which he gets once a month, his blood pressure dropped. So that slowed things down and he and Carmen ended up staying at the hospital for over six hours.

Carmen then went to my folks' place to be with Sienna overnight (who apparently has the flu). Things are feeling pretty out of control over here.

But then there's the little things that remind me of how well we're being taken care of - like the friend who brought over Chinese food last night... or when I rushed outside early this morning because I heard the garbage truck and realized I forgot to leave the trash can on the curb, only to discover that our neighbors had taken out our trash for us.


Cody said...

God Bless you Isaiah! You are the strongest person I know, besides my grandmother who lost her husband in 2006 and her mother in 2007, and her daughter is having problems with her heart.

God Bless you Isaiah and this time of thanks and giving.

Sienna- I hope that you feel better for thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Peace and Love,
Cody Marie Bolton

dr. jose said...

Bummer about being sick. Keep an eye on Sienna for signs of rash. Generalized cold symptoms may appear 1-2 days before the rash of chicken pox. If it does appear, you might want to talk to the doc about the prophylactic use of Acyclovir for Superman. We'll be praying for you guys during this holiday season as well as praising God for Isaiah's response to therapy. Love and miss you guys, C6

castagnolifamily said...

To the Oates family,
You ALL are strong and courageous. We pray for you and continue our spiritual cheer for you all.

Craig and Vanessa

birdinflight said...

Praise God for simple answers to prayer...they are everywhere (: I'm thankful, for your sakes, there are so many good things happening along side the challenges. I'm praying for Sienna's quick recovery, peace and, Isaiah, for your continued health, strength and courage. You are all an inspiration!

Don't eat too much turkey tomorrow, kids.

With much thanks for what all of you offer in love in Christ.

Michelle and Co.