Thursday, November 8, 2007

Luke faces Darth Vader

Isaiah spent a few days playing with his cousin, Santana. It was great timing for the visit! Santana joined us for two of our office visits and his company made the appointment times fly by. Overall, Isaiah has had a great week. His appetite has returned and his office visits have been quick and easy. Today we have our last visit. On Sunday night he finishes his last dose of chemotherapy at home and we will have completed Delayed Intensification!!

Please keep us in your prayers. Most kids experience extremely low blood counts, fevers and need blood transfusions following this session of daily treatments. We continue to pray for protection for his body and his heart.


Anonymous said...

Isaiah, we pray for you daily for strength. Even though I feel you have God's strength. You are such an encouragement to me. I wear your bracelet and people comment on it at work. I work in a lab, so I deal with alot of sick people too. And as many as I see daily, you are always on the top of the list in strength. Hope all goes well. And I'm sure you will praising God for a break in the action. Keep the faith. Lots of love and prayers coming your way.
Hang in there Nate and Carmen, I know you have alot of strength to go through this too. And it's all because we serve an awesome GOD. Love you all - Roxanne

Oh, by the way, Sienna - I loved your costume for Halloween. You were so beautiful.

birdinflight said...

I'm glad to hear you're going to have a break! I'm also glad your cuz could hang out with you this week and give you someone to light saber duel with. That looks fun!

My family and I are praying your blood counts will stay high and for protection for your body. We love you and your family, Isaiah!

Anonymous said...

hey isaiah,

i am samie. You look so adorable in this pic! I hope you had a bunch of fum!!!! ive commented on another picture of yours. i hope your feeling good!And good luck for the hard ships you have in the future!!

from samie &hearts

Lea White said...

Hi there,

Just discovered your site. My daughter Bianca (4) was diagnosed with ALL beginning June and on Monday we will start our delayed intensification. We are due for 6 Asparaginaise injections as she reacted to the last one. I will bookmark your site and keep following your progress. Do keep well and I will add you to our prayer list.

Lea White
Wellington, New Zealand