Saturday, July 3, 2010

party planning!

We hope you'll join us for Isaiah's End-of-Chemo Party on 8/8/10!

If you plan to join us for dinner, please let us know by July 25 so we can plan!

Thanks!  Questions?  Leave a comment here or write to!

(here's a fun pic taken just seconds before the end of a rare and wonderful nap)


Cyn said...

What a wonderful shot!!

sarah hornacek said...

count us in! our family of four will be there, plus kevin's parents from omaha. we are all so excited to celebrate with you...a wonderful triumph to celebrate indeed!

Rebecca Unfried said...

We are looking forward to celebrating with you guys!! Love the picture, so sweet.

molly lilja said...

we wish so much we could be there. we are all so
happy for Isaiah and your whole family. Have a
wonderful time. We will make a special dessert and
celebrate in Seattle with you!