Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hi friends!
Nathan, the faithful blogger you have all grown to love and count on for updates, has been traveling!

I am sorry is has been so long since our last update.  Isaiah received his last scheduled vincristine infusion one week ago today.  He felt a little dizzy but energetic.  The next day he didn't eat much and felt very tired.  By evening of the next day (Wednesday) he was back to feeling normal again.  I told him it was his last dose of vincristine and he just looked at me in surprise, not saying much.

We have ten days of oral chemotherapy left!  I can hardly believe he is at the end of treatment.  We continue to pray for his little body to heal and grow strong.  Thank you for partnering with us all these years!

We look forward to celebrating with you on August 8th.  If you plan to attend the party, would you please let us know?  We want to be ready to celebrate you!



Cyn said...

Thanks for updating Carmen. I had been thinking of you all on Tuesday. I probably can't even remember what life was like before treatment! I can't wait to celebrate with you all!

www.sixhennings.com said...

Just had to check in...4 days 20 hours....love you Isaiah boy. I am so glad you get to go to the beach for the final stretch!!!!!!