Tuesday, July 6, 2010

counts are back up

The 15 minute procedure took Carm and the kids over 2 hours plus driving time to Sac and back today.  Can't wait till we transition to a local clinic for blood draws!  Thankfully, Isaiah's blood bounced right back.  Next appointment: July 13.  

The kids just before the city fireworks show.


www.sixhennings.com said...

We love the new countdown widget on the blog! We are super excited to see it getting lower and lower every day.

Cyn said...

I'm free on the 13th until 2 if some of the kids would rather stay home. Just let me know.

Jan Macpherson said...

I love the count down widget. I can't wait to party!

Anonymous said...

Penny said... Check out Quest Diagnostics in Lincoln for blood work. They are at Third and O Streets downstairs.