Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i must be in the front row!

Well, almost!  A friend gave us some great tickets to tonight's Kings/76ers game.  Isaiah enjoyed seeing the players up close and hearing them yell and complain.  

Jacob and Steve H. joined us.  The boys got to go out on the floor after the game for a shot.  

Tomorrow (12/31) bright and early we go back down to Sac for a spinal tap and chemo.  Isaiah will be fasting all morning.  We hope to be done by about 2 p.m.  We'll spend New Year's Eve recovering at home.  Thanks for supporting our strong son.  


Cyn said...

What an awesome seat! How incredibly neat to get to shoot on the court!!
I will keep you all in my thoughts tomorrow! Wishing you all an amazing 2010!

Unknown said...

Nate, I hope today goes well for him! My dad and I also had second row seats to a Kings game about 2 months ago, it was awesome! But, we didn't get a post-game shot on the court! God bless - Scott Ritter