Saturday, December 12, 2009

grateful for good family times

Yesterday, as the wind blew and the rain came down, I felt thankful for our warm house, our long stack of wood for the wood stove, and that my wife and kids were all healthy and together and home. I know these days are precious and few. I'm trying to soak up every moment.
Tomorrow, at our church community's worship gathering, we'll be dedicating Matthias to God. This is a significant act of trust and surrender and obedience for us (as it is for all parents). We have been entrusted with this little boy to care for for a little while, our primary roll to teach and to demonstrate the love of God and to point him Jesus, the True Lover of his soul.

A few weeks ago we escaped for a few short days in Tahoe. The highlight of the trip for the two "big kids" (Matthy hated it) were the bike rides through the forest.

We're enjoying the Season of Advent together. Every day the kids read from a book of readings focused on the birth of Christ, we've shared some fun, interactive events with our home group (had a bonfire and read the Christmas story in the pasture near my folk's barn), and Sienna and Carmen are baking communion bread each Saturday for our community's Sunday gatherings.

We're loving seeing many of your pictures in Christmas cards! Peace to you.


Auntie Angie said...

Hey Oates family, sorry we couldn't be at the dedication today. You were in our hearts and thoughts, we miss you all.
Welcome to God's family Matthias. We love you. By the way, he just get's more cute every time I see a new picture! Love him!

jack said...

I can't wait to snuggle with your "blue eyed" bundle of love :) Thank you so much for all of your and Carmen's encouraging words. You both mean a lot to me. I am so glad you are enjoying my blogs and sharing them with Isaiah and Sienna. There are a lot more stories and detail that I would love to share with you when I return!