Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We enjoyed a good weekend with friends at Yosemite. Carmen and some girlfriends hiked Half Dome. We were really proud of them: over 16 miles, 5000 vertical feet, almost 14 hours! Isaiah and his buddies played swords for hours, climbed rocks, and swam in the Merced River. Great time. We were grateful to be healthy and able to go. Our camera broke somehow as the kids were taking videos of each other in the back seat on the way home. Grrr. We'll try to post some good camping pics soon.

We'd appreciate prayers for Isaiah who has been feeling very angry and acting out lately. We're not sure what this is all about - maybe just the culmination of the daily fasts, chemo, etc. We need wisdom and grace to parent well through this phase. Thanks friends.


Cyn said...

Yosemite, half dome? Did she hike with Lynn by chance? What a small world!
I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts. You and Carmen are amazing parents and I trust that you will get through this 'phase' with the strength and grace you do everything.

Perhaps he needs some Coldstone on a Tuesday afternoon?

Taria M. said...

You will all be in my prayers. I can only imagine what your sweet son is feeling as he so courageously deals with his illness daily. You guys are wonderful parents, and it's apparent how very loved and supported Isaiah is. May God give you both the guidance and providence to see exactly what Isaiah needs. God bless you all!

Jennifer said...

You are the perfect parents for him.
When Matthew gets angry, sometimes I just hug him as close as he will let me and softly say "I know" over and over ... It calms us both down.
Love from The Ferraras