Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ahoy Maties! It's steady as she blows in these parts! Calm seas, they be! Blast it all if'n the crew be sneazin' and fightin' colds, says me. It's all hands on cough drops and swabs! Aargh. There be an xray on the horizon, boys! Makin' sure the back side be straight and true. Ay, Cap'n, straight and true!

pirates Isaiah and Santana


Cyn said...

Such great news! Sorry about the colds, I seemed to have picked one up this week as well! You'll never know how much I look forward to these updates.

Auntie Angie said...

Ahoy there! Aaargh, this little pirate ethan also has a cold...getting over it though captain Isaiah! As soon as we are well, we are a comin for a visit. We miss you guys...Love you!

birdinflight said...

You guys are very scary looking pirates. Great make-up job and costuming!

I'm praying that ye send that cold to Davy's locker.

Love M