Tuesday, January 22, 2008

little drummer boy

We continue to be encouraged by and grateful for Isaiah's over-comer attitude. He's so hopeful, appreciative and expressive of his love for his mom, sister and me. Lately, we've found him talking on the phone to various cousins, aunts/uncles, or grandparents. He's our independent one - helping himself to food in the fridge, calling family members just to say, "How's it goin?"

We also continue to count on your prayers. Please pray for healing for Isaiah. Please pray for wisdom for his parents.

Much peace,


Anonymous said...

I am still hopeful that Isaiah can play baseball in the summer, that was such a great time for me when I was his age! I am glad that things are going well, keep fighting! I sent Josh Hermsmeier a link to the blog since I thought he might like to see Isaiah at the drums! Thanks - Scott Ritter

Michelle Coder said...

Isaiah, you it appears you like playing the drums. Drum rhythms are fun!

We continue to pray for your healing and for peace, wisdom and joy for your dear family.

Love, Michelle

Tami said...

We are also lifting you all up in prayer... CONTINUOUSLY! Isaiah, Lucas specifically prays SEVERAL times a day that you will be able to play some baseball. He knows just how important that is. :0) Keep drummin'... and keep being that sweet boy that brings such big smiles to our faces and hearts. ~



Emily said...

Isaiah's Family,

My name is Emily. My son Grant was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL on April 26th of last year. We live in North Carolina and Grant is being treated at UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill. We came upon your page a couple of months ago while we were looking on the internet for more info on leukemia. We check in often.

We are sorry to hear about Isaiah's fractures. We hope that he feels a lot better soon.

Grant loves Star Wars and Superman too! We call him SuperGrant! You can visit his page at www.grantnelson.blogspot.com.

It is really a small world. I actually have family in Bellevue, WA and Mercer Island. My Uncle Ralph owned Hancock Carpets and lived in Bellevue with his family for many years. My cousins run the business now.

We will continue to pray for your family and for Isaiah to be healed.

Emily Nelson