Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Isaiah has been feeling very strong the last two weeks. We've been able to enjoy some unforgettable adventures together.

Last week Isaiah viewed Star Wars, Episode 1, for the first time. It has helped inspire him to never-before-attained passion for the whole world of Jedi, space ships, and epic battles. We've been doing a lot of light saber fighting in the evenings.

Tomorrow we've got another appointment at Sutter to check on his progress.

Thank you for loving our boy.

Special thanks to Michael, Tracy, Mary, Jon, Josh, General Matt, Joanee, Christie, Dinah, and Noah. Unforgettable!


Auntie Angie said...

Hey Isaiah...I love that hat! Can Ethan have it when he grows up? WE had a good time last week when we spent the night. Ethan LOVES watching you fight with your light saber, maybe someday you can teach him. I love you sweet boy, and I am thinking about you tonight. I pray that you keep strong. Please give Sienna a BIG hug for me!


Mike Beidler said...

Yo! Isaiah!

I've been wearing that bracelet you gave me after our mind-blowing trip, and it reminds me to pray for you every day.

Keep the faith, Padawan. The prayer of a righteous Jedi is powerful indeed.