Thursday, October 25, 2007


Dear Friends,
We are home again. Isaiah's ANC was 600 today, too low to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. He was happy to break his fast early and end the day playing at his Bita's house. We go back on Monday to check counts again. If his counts reach 750, he will be admitted and we will begin a 4 day course of treatment. We praise God for His hand on Isaiah's life and for all the support you give us. We love you all!


Janet said...

You all have been on my heart all day. As one of the curly-hair ones I've been thinking about shaving my head. What do you think Isaiah? I'm glad to know you got to go to Bita's today. I'm praying for you! And I love you all so much. J

Patrick said...

We hope for your family a restful, peaceful weekend and pray for good appointment on Monday.

Our thought and prayers,
Cara, Patrick and Jae

Anonymous said...

Our admiration and love goes to you Isaiah.
Reading all the things you endure and how your faith and strength
gets you through all of them, is like reading a Super Hero’s story book
full of challenges that just can stop him or his Team: Super mom, Super dad
and Super sis.
You and your team are in our prayers.

birdinflight said...

Wow! I was surprised to see these three tough dudes with shaved heads. Very cool! I'm glad your sis didn't shave her head, though.

I'm praying for you, Super Isaiah, and your Super family this weekend and the next week as you head into the next round. Know there is a blanket of Love around all of you!

Love Michelle

toothdigger said...

I am continuing to follow your saga... Isaiah, you have a great dad to shave his head along with yours...Praying for you and your family... GOD is GOOD!

Vicki Wolfe Alev said...

Two handsome guys! I met a 10 year old named Pat last summer who sold ads for his favorite nonprofit on his bald head after treatment -- sort of funny. Gotta find the things that make you smile even when your heart is hurting. And frankly, I can't look at this wonderful Oates family without smiling and without prayer for continued blessings to see you all through this difficult journey.

anne dease said...

What handsome warriors!!!!! You all look fearsome and very strong, and we all know you are so very courageous. Keep us posted so we can fast along side of you dear ones. Love from San Diego where we are all well and blessed with our homes still standing. Praise God. XXXX

Anonymous said...

WOW - What a new look! You look amazing. I kept wondering why you still had hair. You know what? It will come back curlier. Luck you! Superman can't top this look.
I hadn't check in for a few days. Hope all is well. The Lord is with you all.
Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

Your strength, your courage, your wisdom, your beauty, and your faith is more than I have ever known or seen. You are truly amazing, keep on fighting and being strong. I admire you and your family for your strength and love. My thoughts are with all of you. Much love- Carly Feickert

Michael J. Christensen said...

Dear Nathan and Carmen,

As I read through your blog updates, many memories rushed back from our time in limbo, not knowing when it would all end or how it would turn out. I note that tomorrow is another spinal tap and another round of chemo. May God's peace descend on you. Please know that the Christensen family will be praying for you tomorrow morning and next week, remembering all those who prayed for us at that stage in the treatment process, which got us through. And if you ever want to call me (us), please do. I showed Megan the pictures of Isaiah and his dad getting their haircuts, and she gave me that knowing glance. Megan and Rebecca join me tonight in saying hello.
Peace be with you, my friends. michael

Michael J. Christensen said...

If my previous post did not upload, I simply want to say: Isaiah, Nathan and are remembered today by a family who survived what you now face, and we are interceeding for you even now. mjc