Thursday, August 12, 2010

Isaiah gets tested for the CIA

On the next two Fridays, we'll drive to Sacramento for neuro-psychological testing.  Since Isaiah's treatment included chemotherapy that affected his spinal fluid and brain, we're going to see how he's processing information, check his I.Q., etc.

The testing includes a family interview, lots of problem solving, and runs a total of six hours.

Since we're picturing lots of white coats, ink blots, bizarre word problems, and apparently unrelated questions about our past, and because Isaiah is seriously considering a career in espionage, we're calling it "CIA testing." Isaiah is totally excited.  He asked me recently if I thought they'd have him try to climb up walls.  (I told him the physical training comes later.)

Of course, the doctors won't let-on that they know Isaiah is being tested for the CIA in order not to compromise his security.  wink.

Happy Birthday Sienna!
Sienna turned 10 yesterday!  She spent some time at the park with friends and shared dinner and dessert with her Bita and Papa.  She will be blogging soon [at her blog, "Bubbles"] as part of her creative writing class in a few weeks!   


Cyn said...

Happy Birthday Sienna!!
It's hard to believe that they are both so grown up! It seems like just yesterday that I met them, and they were pretty young then!

I can't wait to hear how CIA testing goes, especially from I's perspective! It's wonderful that he's excited, it could be much harder. But 6 hours? Seriously?! I hope my kids never want to join the CIA, not sure we could handle 6 hours!

Looking forward to reading Sienna's thoughts. It's always fantastic to get a peek inside their minds!

Jaime said...

Sounds very clandestine.

Hey, our 8 year old (Ethan) is also in training to be a spy.

If you send us your mailing address, I might be able to get him to send a code that we like to use when we need to send secret messages.

James T. Allerton