Tuesday, August 10, 2010

end of chemo party

Thank you!

Thank you, family, for your unrelenting support.  You have stayed with us, shopped for us, cleaned for us, cried with us, driven thousands of miles for us.  You have carried us.

Thank you, Emmaus Church Community, for joining us in this journey.  You have been graceful, supportive in so many practical ways, giving, encouraging.  You have been a safe place to grieve, doubt, hope, and grow.

Thank you, 5th Street Neighbors and friends around the world, for staying with us.  Thanks for taking out our trash, mowing our lawn, reading this blog, wearing "strong and courageous" bracelets, and loving our son.  

Thank you, Jesus, for your strength and peace.  You never let us go.  You were with us in the valleys and on the mountaintops.  You held us in the pain.  We are so grateful.

Bita's (Isaiah's grandma's) perspective: 

[Isaiah's] party was attended by about 140 friends and family.  With his little family in front, Nathan spoke to all of us first with words of gratitude.  Then he spoke specifically to Isaiah about his beating down this "foe" with such courage and lack of complaint.  Then, to Sienna, about her amazing nurture and sacrifice and selflessness over the last three years, spending one Christmas in the hospital instead of at home opening gifts and being with all her cousins, and spending one Thanksgiving  away from her family altogether when Isaiah's blood counts were dangerously low and she had been exposed to chicken pox. [she lived with us for three weeks till the danger had passed].  He spoke to Carmen about her refusing to give in to a broken heart and her wonderful mothering.  Then Isaiah took the mic and thanked his sister for "always being with me through everything".  It was so meaningful.

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Cyn said...

This was beautiful!! I really wish I had been there to hear it.
Bita's summarization really touched on the things that have moved me the most. I & S were kids! Young kids! And they dealt with this challenge in such a way that takes my breath away. They pulled together and fought and LOVED!! The love that they share as siblings has always been apparent and it must be such a blessing to you as a family! I know it has touched and moved me!
You and Carmen BOTH have been an inspiration. To continue on and still care about others the way you both do is a wonderful example to us all.
I am so pleased that the scariness is behind you, but I know that the experience will be with you forever. It has changed you all, but you've only allowed it to be a positive rather than feel defeated. I do hope that you will continue to blog in some capacity as I would very much like to continue to see you all grow and love. Thank you for being so willing to continuously share. I am very proud to know you all and am forever changed as a result!