Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the weekend part 2

Today (Wednesday), Isaiah  goes in for his regular blood check and chemo.  He hopes to request his "Make a Wish" trip.  (We'll tell you about his plan soon!)   He's been feeling very strong lately.  Thanks for your on-going support!


Matthy is almost crawling (check out his grip on the carpet!).  Our life's about to start moving at a different speed.

Nate ran the Parkway Half Marathon with some friends on Saturday.  

Dr. Jerry Root, from Wheaton College, stayed with us over the weekend and preached at Emmaus.  Here's a shot of Jerry with some of his former students now at Emmaus.


us...from here said...

what a great weekend!

dad said that God really spoke through Jerry on sunday. i am hoping to download it and listen to it.

loving you all from stinking so cal!

Cyn said...

The visor is gross!
It's amazing how fast Matthy is growing and I have no doubts his being mobile will make everything much more fun-just in time for summer!
Can't wait to hear about the Make a Wish, wish.

It's great to hear that I is feeling incredibly strong-I am still amazed at his continuous strength!