Friday, May 7, 2010

healthy blood

saiah had a good appointment this week.  Everything looks fine.  We're beginning to plan for a big party late in the summer. We'll announce it here!  Thanks for checking-in.  

Matthias, feeling big. 

Sienna and Isaiah found a robin's nest in the rose bushes.  Sienna took this great picture of  these beautiful eggs!


Cyn said...

Seriously? In the rose bushes? What a great shot S!!
Yeah for healthy blood! I, you are the TROOPER!!
Baby M-way to grow!!

us said...

praise God! He is so faithful, so powerful, so gentle, so loving!
hurray for great blood! Isaiah you inspire us all!

Rebecca Unfried said...

It has been so good to hear the positive updates for Isaiah!
Love seeing Matthias looking like such a big boy and that nest is just amazing - science right there in your back yard! :)