Sunday, March 15, 2009

opening day!

Isaiah spent the morning at the doctor's.  He's been up the last few nights with a horrible cough; we wanted to have his lungs checked-out just in case.   Everything is clear at the moment.  He'll be seeing his oncologists Wednesday for his regular blood test.  Please pray he gets some good sleep and that this cough goes away and his lungs stay clear.

Yesterday was opening day for Lincoln Little League.  Isaiah was so excited!  We got up early, participated in the opening day parade through town, then played a short "exhibition" game.  We'll be playing games one week night a week and every Saturday for the next 10 weeks!  Come cheer for the RiverCats and #6!


Cyn said...

Welcome ball season!!
I'm hoping everyone is able to get some good sleep soon!

Enjoy the cool games, soon it will be very hot!

Auntie Angie said...

Dear Isaiah and Sienna, I love the pictures of you guys playing together. Looks like fun! I bet Ethan would love to be there in the garden with you both..=) I will be praying for you Isaiah, that your body will stay strong and healthy. I will be coming for a baseball game with ethan, we love your uniform...looks cool! I miss you and Sienna both so much!

Jennifer said...

Go #6!