Sunday, November 2, 2008

fasting monday

We're already due for Isaiah's every-twelve-week spinal-tap and treatment. Carmen, Isaiah, and I will spend most of tomorrow at Sutter while Sienna spends time with her cousins. The most difficult part of these days, for Isaiah, is the required fast. Thank you to all of you who have already shared with us your plans to fast with him. The kids had a lot of fun dressing up on Halloween. They spent the evening at an Emmaus-sponsored Great Pumpkin Festival at Foskett Ranch School. Sienna dressed up as "Lucy" from the Narnia Chronicles; Isaiah was Batman. He told Carmen, "Mom, when we were going out to the car I saw a bad guy. But I knew I would get in trouble if I walked across the parking lot by myself so I couldn't go get him."


little peeps said...

Could Isaiah look more like you, Nate, in this picture? I realize half his face is covered but that's such a Nate look. A little flashback from childhood. Sienna, you ALWAYS have the perfect costume! Very cute! Praying for you all and hoping to see you sooner than later.
Love ya, Kait and 3 little peeps (Uncle Mike is "flingin' arrows" in the woods of Ohio)

Anonymous said...

We were up early and praying for you this morning Isaiah. We love you and are asking God to bless you in a special way today.
Steve and Angela

Cyn said...

Sienna always does have amazing costumes!
It sounds like they had a great time!

Jaime said...

Speaking from experience, it can be very frustrating to see the bad guy, but not be allowed to go get him.

Hmmm, I think one of Charlie Brown's friends was going to run away from home once, but didn't, because they weren't allowed to cross the street.