Monday, November 10, 2008

doing great

Sorry for the delay in updating Isaiah's blog. He did great with his fast and spinal tap last week. It's remarkable how quickly he bounces back from these things. The fasts are always challenging, but he draws great strength from knowing that others are fasting with him.

We talked several weeks ago about the role of our "will" in dealing with discomfort. I was surprised but encouraged when Isaiah repeated a phrase I used a month ago in the form of a question: as we drove to the hospital he asked me, "Dad, is your will telling your tummy, 'Sshhh!'?"

I smiled and said, "Yes! Is yours?"

He smiled back. I said, "All this fasting sure is making our wills strong!"

He said, "Ya.... but I kinda wish I could eat!"


The Cohen's said...

He sure is amazing. ;) I still pray for him, and I still check the blog for updates, although I don't comment as frequently. But, Isaiah, you are still loved and thought of by people you don't even know!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a courageous kid! Isaiah we love you and continue to pray for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

The updates continue to encourage me thanks for keeping up with them! Isaiah, I appreciate how strong you are, being strong is a great life lesson! I like to eat too, so fasting would be tough on me also, hang in there! God Bless - Scott Ritter

Cyn said...

Such a funny kid! Good to hear that everything is looking great.

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Gentry from Wheaton College and have followed your blog since Isaiah was diagnosed. We just found out in July that our 2 year old son has Cystic Fibrosis. We had a long summer as he was hospitalized for 3 weeks and now have daily treatments and meds. God has been so good to us and we have been encourage by your family's faith as we trust in Jehovah Jire.
Michelle Ferguson

Michelle Coder said...

You speak the truth. Yep! I'd rather eat than fast too.

Hi guys, sorry I haven't commented lately, but know I'm praying always for you Isaiah. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!!

Loved your Batman costume. Very cool!

Love and Light,