Friday, October 10, 2008

have a good day

I kissed Isaiah goodbye yesterday as I left for work and said, as I often do, "Have a good day." His response came quick and confident: "I will!"

It was the way he said it that I want to remember: so sure, so full of anticipation, like he was proclaiming his decision to experience the wonder of every moment.


Anonymous said...

Isaiah, admiro tu entereza y tu sabiduria, el solo recordar tu sonrisa
es motivo suficiente para decirme q tengo q continuar, gracias por seguir publicando.
Isaiah you're the greatest!!!!


Anonymous said...

I view your web site on a regular basis and pray for Isaiah and your family daily. Hang in there! Glenda Hermsmeier

Reynaldo said...

Love the photo in Yosemite! Tons of love from out Bixby way.

Malana said...

Well said.