Tuesday, October 21, 2008

hangin' in

We've just been cruising along the last couple weeks. Sienna is doing really well in soccer. She scored after a scoreless first period on Saturday and her team went on to win 6-1. Isaiah seems content to play outside as much as possible. His favorite part of home school, he says, is "recess." Any additional structure is resisted these days. He's still fasting 3 hours a day in connection with his daily chemo. This continues to be a hassle from his point of view. It seems he's always hungry at the wrong times. Overall, he's feeling strong. And we're grateful. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we're back to Sutter for our regular check up. This weekend Mom's away so the three of us will play (and have lots of dessert). Thanks for checking-in on us!


Meghan said...

Hi friends! We're glad to hear that everyone's doing well. Dustin's especially proud of Sienna's soccer skills. (As any good PE teacher would be) Isaiah, I am proud that you're doing well with home school. We miss you guys. I wish Carmen a nice weekend away... and lots of fun Dad and kid time for the rest of you. You're in our thoughts everyday. Love, The Heins

Kathy said...

Hey favorite Oates family,
So appreciate your taking the time to keep us dated. Time is passing and God is surely answering prayer. This family is still warring for you. Think of the coolest weapons in the gnarliest fight scene (Star Wars??)

Yippy Sienna! And just so you know... recess was always the favorite school subject around here too.

Can't wait to be with the girls this weekend--and to join the Emmaus community again soon.

Love you guys,
Bill and Kathy

Jennifer said...

Enjoy that dessert!
We are really into Oreos in the Ferrara house!

Cyn said...

Yeah Sienna! I was wondering if she was playing this year.
I think recess is a favorite for boys no matter where you go to school.

I hope Carmen has a fun weekend.

We're still looking forward to sharing some ice cream with you all-maybe in November!

mollyllilja said...

HEy what do you know!?!@# My kids favorite part of homeschool is recess too!! Have a fun weekend with dad. Just a note Nate, remember what sugar does.... you might just be making it harder on yourself:)