Monday, July 7, 2008

great break

We are feeling very grateful for our recent family vacation. We enjoyed lots of unscheduled time which was a welcomed change. Isaiah felt good the whole time. He consistently played hard so he got tired. But, other than his daily 3-hour fast and oral chemo, he was free from the common reminders of his battle.

He's got doctor's appointments this and next Wednesday. We're also trying persistently, but so far unsuccessfully, to get in to see the orthopedic surgeon whose advice we need to know how to proceed with chemotherapy and steroids. Please pray we'll be able to meet with him soon. We've been trying to get an appointment for a couple months and feel time is critical.


The Henning Family said...

I love you Isaiah. I missed you a lot, but I am glad you had a good vacation.

birdinflight said...

Unscheduled time is GREAT! Glad you can enjoy some time together...and I'm glad you felt good, Isaiah. I continue to pray for all of you and will pray for access to the doctor you need to see.

Love and Light,