Thursday, July 31, 2008

beach summer days

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued faithfulness in supporting Isaiah. We have taken some long breaks this summer and Isaiah has enjoyed long, sunny and carefree days out on the beach. We just returned from our second and much anticipated beach vacation.

These hourless days have given each of us the time to rest from the intensity of our year. We are thankful for a break from our mental and emotional burdens.

Isaiah continues his treatment and his courageous, conquering disposition continues to carry him through the unpredictable challenges of treatment. His back is stable. His tummy still hurts often. His appetite goes up and down without pattern. He plays hard. He runs fast. He is sweet and loving.


Anonymous said...

Hi Isaiah!

I really like the pictures of you and your family on the beach. They make me smile (and miss you too!).

I read that you will be fasting on August 14th and wanted you to know that I will too here in Merced. That way, even though I am far away and haven't seen you in a long time, I will be with you all day.

A big hello to your dad, mom and sister. I love the bunch of you!

Emily Nichols

Jennifer said...

Such sweet photos and such a sweet summer of memories.

We continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers.

The Ferraras

The Cohen's said...

I'm SO glad your family got some time to just "be" and enjoy each other's company. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't pray for Isaiah and his little body to be healed. Keep up the good work little buddy!

Cyn said...

It's great to hear that you are ALL enjoying yourselves and it's been a peaceful summer. Boy do I wish we had gotten to the beach this summer. It looks so beautiful and as if you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

The four of us will join in for a fast on the 14th.
Love you,
Steve, Angela, Kait and Jacob

Auntie Angie said...

Wow, looks like you collected a lot of sand dollars! I love those, they are so cool. I am happy that you all had a chance to go to the beach this year. Thanks for spending some time here in san jose on the way home...we really enjoyed your visit! See you soon, love, Angie -Ethan -Patrick...

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, thanks for the update. I am really glad that you guys had the chance to get away this summer a few times, you deserve it! I will be fasting also on August 14th to be in prayer for your fast and also to mark the 8 yr. anniversary of my mom going to Heaven to be with the Lord. God Bless you all - Scott Ritter~

Anonymous said...

Hi Isaiah, Computer acting a little funny but let's see what it let's me tell you! I've followed your cool blog for a year but never "commented", just held you and the whole family in prayer and light with constant thoughts of perfect health and wellness.

Seeing your great smile again sitting on your Bita's lap and she on your papa's lap was too much fun! Your Bita is my BEST friend from high school long ago. I have treasured her friendship all these years. I'll get to see you at Sadie's wedding in September, and in the meantime I'll fast with you on the 15th. Your sister looked like she was having a great time with you and the sand dollars! Tell Bita "Hi" from her friend Donna in San Diego, please.
You are loved,
Donna Reed-Grout