Friday, April 25, 2008


"A few days ago this was amazing: I caught two hits when I was playing up close in the field. I also hit a homerun.
Also, I was pitching to my dad and I was very good at playing baseball. He hit the ball and I caught it." Isaiah

(Yesterday we began our monthly course of steroids. Isaiah calls it his Mr. Hungry medicine. Pray for him as he often struggles with intense itching as a side effect of taking the medicine. We are still taking a half-dose of all his "at home" chemotherapy. )


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Isaiah! I am so happy that he is able to play baseball and play it well! May God continue to bless your family! Scott Ritter

little peeps said...

"I am so glad that you caught two hits. I hope you feel better. I hope I can see you tomorrow at Bita's house."
love maicee

Linda said...


You are the best five year old baseball player I've ever seen. I love coming to your games.

See you tonight.
love, Bita

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. Isaiah just think of the itching as getting better. Every time you itch you are closer to being cured.
You look great in your baseball uniform. Keep up the good work, you never know you might be in the Big League one day. You know where that is don't you!
Love and continued prayers,

Michelle Coder said...

Hey, Isaiah, it was great seeing you this week at Sienna's class and getting a big hug from both of you. Yes, indeed, you can play baseball very well...catching 2flyballs in the game and balls your dad hits! You are learning to pitch too! Wow! I'm truly impressed!

I pray for you every day and will pray that your itching won't be too itchy this time.

Love Michelle

Anonymous said...

All of us at the Ranch are hoping that Isaiah is feeling better. May the Force be with you, young Jedi!

From your friends at Skywalker