Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun in the Sun with Ava

Thank you for checking on Isaiah's progress.

Isaiah's liver numbers have significantly improved! His liver is still working about six times harder than normal but he is feeling strong and will be starting chemo at home again today. He is on a very low dose but we wish he could wait longer to start therapy again.

His funny quote for the day is:
"You know mom, little kids remember more than adults."

"Why is that?"

"Because their brains are younger and younger brains remember more things."



Anonymous said...

Many times I have forgotten how young Isaiah is after reading all the things he's been through, his strength and wisdom. Our love, admiration, and prayers go out to you all.
We'll keep praying and reading.

Mari, Edgar, Ileana, and Edgar

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that things have been improving! Thanks for keeping us updated on what is going on! May the Lord continue to bless your family... Scott Ritter

little peeps said...

Isaiah, we want to have fun in the sun with you, sienna and ava. We hope to see you soon! So glad to know you're feeling better. Uncle Mike and I have been watching the Star Wars trilogy this past week - it's been on T.V. I have some questions about the storyline and since young minds are better than old I know you can answer them. Talk to you soon!
love Kait

The Beidler's said...

I always have fun when I'm with you. I ask my mom if I can see you everyday. Thanks for the hugs and kisses. I love you a lot!

Michelle Coder said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, Isaiah. I am praying for you every day (:

Your younger brain theory may be absolutely correct. My brain is much older than yours and I have been forgetting a lot of stuff.



Anonymous said...

The one thing I do know is that God loves you!You might be young in age, but Old in your wisdom!We love you!
Don & La Dona

Anonymous said...

Just got home from a week in it is good news to hear that our sweet boy is doing well. And he is right...we VERY old people can't remember like the young ones. But we never FORGET to pray for you dear Isaiah and for your family. Hugs and much love from San Diego which is much warmer than Seattle (G)!!!! XXX Anne Dease

Anonymous said...

Over the last year Isaiah has become a household name in the daily prayers of our people and the services at The Country Church here in Fallon, Nevada. While most folks have never met Isaiah he has become and encouragement for member of our fellowship who are fighting cancer to be "Strong and Courageous".

Bryan Cuthill
The Country Church